AppFlow 0.01

AppFlow Are you looking for a new way to find apps amoung all the ones on your SpringBoard? Well, AppFlow might be just what you are looking for! When you launch AppFlow you will cover a CoverFlow style menu with all your apps listed in alphabetical order, stock and third party. To select an app…just tap double tap it! This is a SUPER sweet app! All we need now is higher resolution icon images and the ability to include webapps in the list! AppFlow is available in the through the Ste Packaging source works on both 1.1.1 and 1.1.3. Below are the screenshots.

AppFlow 0.01 AppFlow 0.01 AppFlow 0.01 AppFlow 0.01 AppFlow 0.01

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  1. Thanks for your good Job, I have problem after Installing, and crush springboard and after restart iPhone, only apple Logo and after that hang, I was had so much work to delete true SSH, and again my iPhone back, can you tell me what is wrong with my job… I have 1.1.3 iPhone I jail broken by ziphone 2.2, and great business, every thing work perfect, only just after install AppFlow crush, but thanks God I clear and know I don’t install till I find some solution.. Please tell me the secret.


    • Danny, i have same problem with you, after i install an application then my phone hang and only apple logo appear, can you help me how to get my iphone back? thank you so much

  2. Did you get the app removed via SSH? If not, I would go in a delete the app from the var/Mobile/Applications folder. We installed this app on both a 1.1.1 and a 1.1.3 iPhone with no problem!

  3. That is so cool. I wish they could have it running in the background like OpenSSH and when you tilt your Iphone/Touch on the home screen it goes into cover flow. That it would be amazing.

  4. What about 1.1.2? Does it work on it?

  5. Thanks for your reply Brooke, yes I was remove vis SSH, but that is very hard because I don’t see any thing in display, only apple Logo, any how, I try several time to install this app, but make me mad, and every time my install down and I restart iPhone the same problem, and I remove again and my iPhone back.. I change the permission to 755 as well but nothing help, this is the first time I had this problem, I think this is cool app, please help if possible..

    All the best

  6. why it aint workin in 1.1.2?

  7. does the appflow app icon apear in appflow? what happens when you go to appflow, from appflow? hahahahahah

  8. Oh yeah! app flow that auto turns on when tilted! nice idea!

  9. i think we need this for our contacts and their pictures

  10. Man you guys are on a roll! Great ideas!

  11. OKay when you are in this app do not run Dock at the same time it brought my phone right to the apple logo and would ot boot up at all
    had to restore and rejail break my phone but it screwed the whole phone up…just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone tried like me

  12. Love this app. Now if only i could find what happen to my mystery apps that bosstool moved on me! LOL

  13. yeah a lot of Shortcut programs don’t run nicely with others ESPECIALLY dock. I personally hate that little sun burst.

  14. Whenever I try to install this app on my jailbroken 1.1.3 iphone, its says….
    “Error in script command 1: Install app”

    This also happens when I try to download a few of the other apps(but not all of them)
    Any help?

  15. I just installed appflow. When I launch it comes to screen that says hello world, then goes back to home screen/application selection screen. What am I doing wrong?

  16. @mothobhap: I’m guessing you need to change your permissions to 0755 or 0775 for this app through SSH.

  17. will this work in 1.1.4 firmware?

  18. Hello, I installed this via Cydia, and after the install, I click on it, it opens the splash screen, and then just goes back to my home screen. Help! Thanks!

  19. My springboard just crushed and it tells me to restart or reboot, I keep doing tht and nothing changes, it continues running on safe mode. sm1 pls pls help me…