iTrac 1.0rc1

iTrac The update to iTrac 1.0rc1 is very cool. Not only does the app have a new look but a few very cool new features…including 1.1.3 compatibility! When you open the app you will see that it has a new design. The only tricky part of the new interface is that you have to tap the arrow next to the tracking number in order to enter the number but, after you have entered the number, you have to tap back in the app to get the keyboard to disappear. Which, for some reason, doesn’t feel very smooth to me! The coolest part of the update is that when you close the app and reopen it…the last tracking number you entered stays!! So, you do not have to retype it every time you want to check it’s status!! The only thing it is missing now is the ability to add more then one tracking number. Also, every time we enter a tracking number for UPS it says that it is down for maintenance…either it is not working correctly or it has been down for maintenance for a while now!! Overall, this app does what it is supposed to do and I really like the new design…I think it is very clean! iTrac is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are the screenshots:

iTrac 1.0rc1 iTrac 1.0rc1 iTrac 1.0rc1 iTrac 1.0rc1

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  1. Paul Arterburn says

    Check out the web-app trackTapp ( – it gives you a lot more information, not just the latest. It also saves the last 5 tracking numbers and is compatible with DHL as well. This weekend I plan on adding SMS alert functionally if you enable it.