TextTwist TextTwist is a fun little game where you are given six letters and two minutes to make as many words as possible from those six letters. The app opens to an info screen giving you the basic info on how to use the app. From there you will get the play screen with six letter at the bottom. To make a word just tap on the letters (in order) and it will add them to the boxes above it. If you want to change the word once it is already in the boxes just tap on the letter again and it will move it back down. To see if you have created a word, double tap the middle of the screen. If you haven’t formed a word it will say No…if you have, you will get points based on the length of the word you created…90 points for a three letter work, 160 for a four letter word, 250 for a five letter word. If you create a correct six letter word you automatically qualify for the next round (the only way I have found to get to the next round is by getting a six letter word). Also, every time to create a word it will display it on the screen in the little boxes…those little boxes are all of the possible words that can be created from the six letters. The coolest part of the app is that you can tilt your iPhone vertically and then back horizontally (slightly quickly) and it will rearrange the letters…which always helps me when I am stuck!! The time and score are located in the upper right corner…the time counts down from two minutes. When the two minutes is up you will screen a little screen displaying your score and the high score and…it will fill in all the little boxes, displaying all the possible words. To play again just tap two fingers in the middle of the screen. I do wish you could rearrange the letters once they were already in the box or at least change the second letter without taking them all down first. Also, the dictionary is not perfect…there are times when I create a word such as dealt…which is a word but the app will not accept it. Overall, a fun game that is highly addicting! This app is not available through the installer…below are the instruction on how to install TextTwist and the screenshots:

Thanks to the developer of TextTwist – digicide.

To get TextTwist on your iPhone:
    1. Add the Jiggy Main Repository source.
    2. Install version .25 of Jiggy and Jiggy Runtime or higher.
    3. Download the TextTwist zip file HERE.
    4. Unzip the TextTwist file and save it to your computer.
    5. Drag the TextTwist.app file from your computer to your iPhone via SSH into the /Applications folder.
    6. Change the permissions of the TextTwist.app folder to 0755. To do this, just select all the files in the TextTwist.app folder, right click, select properties and change the Octal to 0755. You will also need to open the two folders, letters and messages, inside of the TextTwist.app and do that same thing.
    7. Restart your iPhone

There you go! You should be able to see the TextTwist icon on your desktop! Enjoy!

TextTwist TextTwist TextTwist TextTwist TextTwist TextTwist TextTwist TextTwist

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  1. Link to zip file doesn’t work fyi

  2. yeah guys, theres a typo in the address..i changed the ‘s’ to an ‘x’ and it downloaded just fine..

  3. Sorry about that…should work now!

  4. it loads the splash screen with the instructions on it then just crashes back to the springboard? Any ideas?

  5. Nevermind i fixed it. Thanks for this.

  6. No problem…glad you got it fixed!!

  7. jonnythefox says

    kool app
    thanks alot guys

  8. Is it available in the installer?

  9. is text twist app compatible will all firmware versions 1.1.1 – 1.1.3?? am running text twist 1.1.3, why is it that when you install jiggy .25 and jiggy runtime .25, updates to .21 versions come out?? thanks a lot!!

  10. it launches then crashes before the game starts. i installed this on an ipod touch. any ideas?

  11. same problem here, can’t play,
    is always back to sprigboard

  12. same problem as miguel and ichanz – and the same with Scrabble – apps won’t play and then straight back to summerboard – any thoughts??

    • One option is that your permissions are not set correctly…that happened to me with Scrabble (opened to splash screen and then just closed) before I changed the permissions to 0755…then I restarted my iPhone and it worked!

  13. You have to chmod 755 all the files in the folder individually. If you dont the program cant run them. The first time i tried i just set the folder itself to 755. Every file inside the folder must be set to this as well for it to run properly.

    • hey kinmar worked like a dream thanks for the help!

    • i have tried to chmod 755 for each folder individually but it still doesn’t work. it loads the screen and then flashback to springboard. please help

  14. If you’re without wifi access and want to install this here is a way.

    Required packages: Term-vt100, Download Files Plugin (from the Safari Plugins source), and “CLU – zip” (from R4m0n Repository).

    Browse to http://appleiphoneschool.com/files/texttwist.zip in safari. Click Download and wait for it to finish.
    Return to the home screen and launch Term-vt100.
    Type the following commands (when typing file paths you can use tab completion, just touch the screen for a menu to show up, then swipe down and left for tab):
    cd /Applications
    mv ~/Downloads/texttwist.zip ./
    unzip texttwist.zip
    mv TextTwist/TextTwist.app ./
    rmdir TextTwist
    chmod -R 0755 TextTwist.app
    rm texttwist.zip

    Now restart your phone and you’re good to go.

  15. Hey! I found a repo that has Text Twist!
    Add http://byooi.com/iphone/digicide.plist to the sources and then you will be able to find it in the Installer app.

    Hope this helps!

  16. SimplyJudee says

    After passing a stage on the game, the game seems to freezes. Is there a fix to this?

  17. after following the steps, icon did not show up on the springboard. ..whay shall i do guys?

  18. Hi brooke,

    Can i install this in 1.1.4?

    • I don’t think anyone has tried it yet!! But, it doesn’t seem to put anything into the var/root folder so it should work on 1.1.3 and 1.1.4.

    • thanks brooke.. have tried it out and it worked. thanks a lot!

  19. Yihee Thanks !!!

  20. i have a problem with the sources.
    i cant add any new ones :(
    they all go to the uncategorized..?
    so i tried deleting one source i already had to see if it only works in sources i’m still about to add but i tried adding it again and it didnt wanna work!
    it used to be fine before but now it isnt..any ideas on how to fix this?

  21. can i ask how you guys do it?i am stucked in the process of transferring it to the iphone.

  22. i loaded the big boss sources and text twists is there works fine on my 1.1.4 sometime’s it freezes i just wait a second and it come’s back no prob.

  23. Anyone been able to fix the freezing problem? After completing one level and I have to tap with two fingers to get to the next level, it freezes. Sometimes it goes through but more often than not, it doesn’t and I wind up having to restart a new game.

  24. beijingpal says

    is this website only for apple user. how bout PC user how do you install text twist or scrabble? also if without wifi? please step by step…. instructions for dummies

  25. hi! im not sure if you already know this guys but it is already available thru the Installer…just installed it and it works! btw, im on 1.1.4! enjoy!

  26. how to transfer it from my computer to iphone using only my usb, i dont have wlan for wifi :(

  27. You’re instructions were clear! I managed to download this fantastic game. Thanks!

  28. Does this version of the game still exist? Because I spent at least 3 tedious hours trying to find it and install it without using the installer b/c I couldn’t get it on the installer app to save my life. I don’t know what is going on but my phone just doesn’t recognize the byooi.com/digicide/iphone.plist source. And all I want is TextTwist. I’m not fond of Lexitron for 2 reasons the way it looks (I know…bad/dumb reason) and b/c it always crashes on me in the middle of the game. Any help out there?

  29. is there a way to add new/more puzzles? it tends to repeat every so often