Updated to iTunes

I just updated my iTunes to the newest version (…so far, everything seems to be working fine, my iPhone synced with no problem. I’m not sure what the update to iTunes changes (if you do…let me know in the comments) maybe they are preparing for the release of SDK?! Anyway…so far no issues with the new version of iTunes and my 1.1.1 iPhone. Though, I only have 127.4MB of free space left…I better start uninstalling!!

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  1. I thought you were currently running 1.1.3


  2. likwidfuzion says

    The newest update is related to iTunes rentals for the AppleTV Take2.

  3. i have a problem with itunes 7.6.1

  4. Oh, I thought you both had updated. :)


  5. I just update my iTune 7.6.1 (9) & 10.5.2. Now my iPhone has problem synced to iTune. Please help !!