1.1.4 has been released

1.1.4 firmware has been released today. Do not update if you want to keep all your programs and themes. There is no know jailbreak at this time. I am trying to find out what the update changes but I’m assuming it has to do with the SDK. Please comment with your source if you know what the update is about. Thanks!

1.1.4 iPhone Firmware

*UPDATE* Everywhere I’ve read says so far only “bug fixes”. Erica Sadun is upgrading now so we’ll know more soon!

*UPDATE 2* ZiPhone is going to work to jailbreak 1.1.4, we just have to be patient while he tweaks it. See ZiPhone.org for info.

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  1. How stupid am I??? I updated thinking the ziphone will still work and that I had nothing to lost cos’ i could restore it back to 1.1.3. Well!!!! ziphone doesn’t work and now I can’t restore it back. I keep getting an error: “the iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1015)”. Any help please?????????

    • Anything new wih your iphone? Or are all the apps the same ie moving icons, 4 icons on the dock?????

    • I’m not completely sure, But 1015 is what you get when you restored from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1, so when you get that, open iNdependence and it should get it out of the connect to itunes screen.

  2. i still havent gotten my iphone! im so mad!

  3. Erica Sadun is taking one for the team….she’s the best!!!

  4. Oh man…1.1.4 already…I’m not even ready for 1.1.3 yet!! I hope it does something cool! SDK is sooo going to be released soon!!

  5. Accourding to Zibri

    ZiPhone will work with 1.1.4.
    But I need to FULLY test it and do a few
    Stay tuned.
    (If you do you won’t get any support from here)
    Download the latest version of ZiPhone at http://www.ziphone.org ! ZiPhone is updated almost daily !

    His blog here: http://www.ziphone.org/

  6. Erica Sadun just posted :

    Okay, I’m in, I’m jailbroken, I’m under 1.1.4 Let me know what you specifically want to see under the hood. I’ll be looking mostly at frameworks.

  7. i updated my iPhone to 1.1.4 rite now trying to find out wats new ill get back to u guys..

  8. I think most of us would just like to know how to jailbreak 1.1.4 now that we know it’s possible!!!!

  9. iPhone Survey conducted by Apple and Orange:
    I am sending you an email to announce a survey by Apple.

    A call to Orange France customer service gave some confirmations, some answers, some expected, others less so …

    — Update 2 (this would be the correct name, not 1.1.4), will bring new features:
    * Support for Flash, files with extension .Docx
    * Adding a mini file manager
    * Adding a “clipboard” to manage copied and pasted text, and send files to the clipboard via email or bluetooth
    * iClips Management (is this the name of apps distributed via iTunes?)
    * A more complete bluetooth manager
    * iChat accessible only via wifi

    — But it would not bring:
    * Management of MMS
    * Video capture
    * Editing of office files

    It is almost impossible to know if this is reliable information from an employee of Orange who carried out this survey … .
    But one thing is certain, the survey was commissioned by Apple … And the updating of firmwire will be out in a few days …

  10. This reminds me of the 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 update that did not really make any significant changes other than “bug fixes.” But at least in this update they address some real issues that will change apparently.

    Faster loading of apps, wifi.
    Better signal
    SMS ordering fixed
    Safari does not dump pages anymore

  11. No problem going back down to 1.1.3 – after you downgrade and get the 1015 error, run ziphone (with iTunes running), open up the advance features and under Change phone Mode click Normal Mode. This will kick it out of DFU and you will be back in 1.1.3.

    • I am refering to ZiPhoneGUI for windows. If you are on a mac, Independence will kick you out of DFU.

  12. BTW – I upgraded and poked around with 1.1.4 – I could’t see any changes to the file structure or features to any of the existing apps. Jailbreak no problem with ziphone. I think zibri’s warning is for those people who want to unlock/activate, not jailbreak. The reason I went back down to 1.1.3 is because most of the installer.app programs that I use gave me the warning “Firmware 1.1.3 required”

    • hmm… wanna know a secret?

      you can either manually changer your version tag or install the 1.1.3 SvPatch from blaze to get around that little “1.1.3 prerequisite” error. then just uninstall it or change it back after you’re done.

      the reason that the apps will not install is because of installer.app, not because the apps are incompatible. (in fact, i’ve not found one app that won’t work on .4)

      nevertheless, do not attempt anything unless you know what you are doing, just because i haven’t hit any errors, doesn’t mean that you definitely wont. just make sure you can get yourself out of anything you get into :)

  13. i have upgraded from 1.1.3 to 1.1.4 with no problems so far. have jailbroken and unlocked with ziphone. have used voda t-mobile and virgin sim cards in the uk. installer works ok but most apps that i use need 1.1.3 and dont work on 1.1.4 hope
    hope these gremlins can be sorted soon?????

  14. hi iam update my iphone 1.1.4 now problem is locked how can i unlock my i phone

  15. when r the bugs fixes for ziphone done

  16. yo.
    about the 1.1.4
    i have unlocked , jailbroken it thru zibri’s ziphone [ THAnks!! ]
    its nice.
    but applications yet to work
    patches available..
    wt do i do?

  17. hey im only new to this im trying to download 1.1.4 into my i pod how i do it i have ZiPhone i try to unlock my iphone with the do it all button and it sticks on entering reboot on recovery mode any ideas thanks