SuperPong 0.5

SuperPong SuperPong is a block-blasting pong game developed by Spiffyware. This game is outstanding, especially for it’s first release. The object of this game is to bounce a ball off of a paddle and make the ball destroy all the blocks. When you click on the application you will be greeted with a title screen stating the developer, and the developer’s website. Then you will have a pop-up explaining you how to play which I will get into a bit later. You have three choices of difficulty, “Piece of Cake :-)” which is easy, “I Think I’m Ready…” medium, and “This is Cruel!” which is the hardest difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the faster the ball will move. The game play screen is very sharp and clean. All the graphics look professionally done. Since this is the first release there is only five levels, the higher the level the smaller the blocks are, and the number of blocks increases. If you tap the screen while playing you get a “Pause Menu”. From here you have the choice to choose “Resume”, “Settings”, or “Restart Level”. The game play is executed perfectly. You can tilt the iPod/iPhone left or right in order to move the paddle to that direction. The tilt is very responsive. You can also use your finger ANYWHERE on the screen. Just slide your finger left or right to move the paddle. You can also turn off the tilt in the settings or change the sensitivity. You can also turn off the visual settings in “Settings”, this just takes away the extra flare, like the ball animating every time you break a block. There are no lives so you can play the same level over and over. The only downfall in this game is that your score resets every time you go to the next level. Since this is the first release I can only make recommendations for new features: online score board, power ups, stronger blocks, a version with limited number of lives, and different formation of blocks. This is a must download if you love playing game on your iPod/iPhone. You can download this from the Spiffyware source. This app is available through the BigBoss source. The developer’s website is

SuperPong 0.5 SuperPong 0.5 SuperPong 0.5 SuperPong 0.5 SuperPong 0.5 SuperPong 0.5 SuperPong 0.5

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  1. likwidfuzion says

    I hate adding unnecessary sources, as it makes source refreshes in Installer take longer, so I manually installed SuperPong. It’s a great game.

    The URL to the SuperPong files is

  2. sweet think ill try it

  3. Cool game. I was waiting for this from a long time. Used to play it (bricks) on my iPod nano. :-)

  4. so…what is “more games” on your springboard?
    the one withe the xbox 360 controller :D
    whats that?

  5. bingbangbom says

    I thought it was actually mediocre, which is something most people are settling for with iphone games. I don’t really understand it, I mean sure it is free… but it honestly isn’t really pong. Its more like Breakout and not that well adapt. I feel the controls are too loose, both touching and tilting. Just because it tries, doesn’t mean it does it all that well, heck isnake has better tilt controls I feel and that is mainly because you do not need such quick reflexes with it.

    You mentioned a few things that might add to it, but I would rather have something with more or an original take. Integrate the music stored on the machine, so the level you are playing is actually a song from your itunes library. Each block could be part of a song and they can come down the screen like Tetris.

    I just don’t see pong as the way to go.

    • This is a break block game. I found the controls to work very well. I do agree with you that there are not to many original games. Many are remakes. I made those suggestions assuming that the developer was going to take the path of replicating the original. I fully understand what you are saying, but I have to disagree with you on the fact that this is mediocre. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • @bingbangbom

      In a lot of ways, I agree with you, there are a number of games on the iPhone which are mediocre at best, and perhaps this is one of them. But on the other hand, it’s hard to expect developers to release revolutionary new games for free. Also, Super Pong is in beta (i.e. more for testing) and most iPhone games are made by a single person. If the developer were to wait until it was up to your apparent standards of such an in depth game, it not ever be able to be released.

  6. bingbangbom says

    Well, it is understandable, I think it was more of the praise alot of these games get, not just SuperPong. I would like to see Apple really support it and hopefully that will happen with the SDK. I would also like to see some larger names get into it like EA or even Gameloft. They have been working on mobile phone games for such along time, would like to see what they can do with it. Again it is fairly early on in the iphone life and there isn’t full support yet.