Installer 3.01

Installer The has an update! Crazy! When you go to refresh your sources you will get a pop-up telling you that Installer has an update (see screenshots below). You can then choose to update or to cancel. Once the update is done installing you will get another pop-up saying that you will need to restart the Installer (see screenshots below). Honestly, the only visual change I see is to the Featured page…other than that I don’t see anything visual, let me know in the comments if you notice anything. Maybe a 1.1.4 compatibility fix? I was able to update, install and uninstall apps with no problem. The is through the AppTapp Official source. Below are the screenshots.

Update: Ok, I went to refresh my sources and I got another prompt for an update so, I did it. Well, this Installer update was through the SOS iPhone source (which you cannot tell because it gives you the pop-up automatically). Anyway, it erased my AppTapp Installer and replaced it with the Installer under it’s own source. So, I had to go back into my updates and update the correct Installer through the AppTapp Official source. It deleted the SOS iPhone Installer and changed it back to the correct one. I definately think that the SHOULD NOT be put in other sources…that is an app that needs to be left alone…in only one source…it’s original one! Other wise, there ends up being too much confusion on an app that you definately do not want messed up!

What you will need to do if you update to the SOS iPhone Installer, is go into your Updates section and select the update for the Installer version 3.01 through AppTapp. The only issue now is that every time you refresh your sources you will get a prompt to update your Installer because it is in another source…you can just select Cancel. However, now the issue is that you will get the pop-up and have to select Cancel EVERY TIME you refresh your sources and you never know if it is a real update or just one through SOS iPhone.

Or, you could just uninstall the SOS iPhone source and fix it that way!

The above issue has been resolved! YAY!

Installer 3.01 Installer 3.01 Installer 3.01 Installer 3.01 Installer 3.01

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  1. steve anderson says

    now it there is an update to go back to the 3.0 stupid can’t get rid of number 1 on installer telling me that a downgrade is available all the time

    • I get that all the times when apps are in two sources…read my update above…another source added to it so, now you will see the update to a lower version. Just ignore it.

  2. steve anderson says

    so now my installer is version 3.1 i have an update for 3.0 silly how do i get rid of this notification

    • You can’t…you just have to ignore it!

    • Actually steve, the only thing telling installer that you have an update available is the LocalPackages.plist file found in var/mobile/Library/Installer. If you are ocd like me then you can use ssh to retrieve this file and edit it with a text editor. For example, when I installed the new 2.6 beatphone from the mateo source, I couldnt stand the update so I went in and deleted it from the plist. This did however remove beatphone from the uninstall list as well. I’m not sure how well this would go over with the main installer app, so make SURE you save a backup of the plist before attempting to delete the installer section of the original plist. I have not tried this with installer because I don’t have the SOS source. By the way, the section of the plist that contains the installer should start with and end with and have a bunch of installer stuff in between ;P

    • Hmm.. that last part didnt show up right. I will reword it. “By the way, the section of the plist that contains the installer should start with “dict” inside of those arrow brackets and end with “/dict” inside of them.

  3. likwidfuzion says

    The only other difference I see in 3.01 is that some of Ste’s “sponsor ads” are in the packages “header”.

    For example, refresh your sources and then go to either Apollo or Books. You’ll notice that the heading will say “Package s/b” for Apollo and “Package s/b” for Books.

    • Oh yeah…you are right…that is pretty cool! He probably will have to update all his packages again so they are all like that!

  4. Installer update ran fine. I think one change is that it scrubs a targeted installation packages and flags if 1.1.3 required. I am at 1.1.4, so I assume this keeps me from attempting to run untested code.

  5. steve anderson says

    so revert back to 3.0 then delete sosiphone source then update installer to apptapp 3.01 and presto no update no more

  6. steve anderson says

    any idea when summerboard is getting an update for 1.1.4

    • I think iSpazio has a fix in his source too. This is what he wrote in another comment. I haven’t tried it though. Let us know what you find out.

      “Heres how to get summerboard working on 1.1.4:

      1. Add source to sources
      2. Refresh sources in Installer
      3. Navigate to iSapazio Unlock Tools
      4. Install 1.1.4 Summerboard Patch
      5. Install Summerboard
      6. Uninstall 1.1.4 Summerboard Patch

      got this at iphonefaq, works like a charm.”

  7. Just wait SOSiphone to update the installer and this problem will be gone.

  8. I do not have this problem at all. And if you want to have summerboard to work on iphone running firmware 1.1.4, add the source from

  9. Has anyone gotten Customize to work on 1.1.4? I can get it installed but when I try and apply the settings, it never changes anything.

    • Well it works for me. I used the 1.1.4 compatibility patch form ispazio and it works for me. My buddy installed customize on his 1.1.4 using ipodtouch fans version of customize and it works fine for him. So i guess it just depends which one works good with your iphone.

  10. Wow I can’t wait untill cydia becomes the standard for the devs to distruibute apps. It just makes so much sense. I mean Installer is great and all, but cydia is truely open source and has (and will have) so many more cool features. You can read about it here: and here:

  11. As i already said, i can’t be online all the time and sometimes update comes when i’am not here. The “problem” is resolved. This issue is due to Installer which doesn’t compare the version number, it say an update is avalaible if the version number is different even if it is older, it might arrive with any package we can found on several sources. Have another source is a good thing many times to accelerate downloads.
    So no problem with SOS iPhone rep anymore.
    I apologize for the “problem” i ‘ve forgotten Installer would make a popup for it own update.
    (Sorry for the bad english it’s very late on France)

    • No problem NiKKrO…thanks for updating your source!! It is ok that you didn’t get it out right away…you are on a much different time zone!! Just something that could cause confusion for people because it is the main Installer and not just an app.

  12. Hi, I just have a question regarding my iPhone. When I had 1.02, I could plug my iPhone into my PC and just open iBrickr and then import any ringtones or files or new icons I made for myself, but now that I upgraded to 1.13, is there an equivalent of iBrickr for 1.1.3 ? Because the 1.13 spcial version of iBrickr seems to be only to jailbreak your iPhone and not to import files in it. Someone help me please.
    Thanks !

  13. i updated yesterday , and since that time i cant download whole packages anymore, at 2/3 of the download it says ‘error downloading package’ !!!!! what could id o, reinstalling the new installer wont work because i cant download……. :(

  14. steve anderson says

    that summerboard fix worked thank you

  15. I have restored to 1.1.4 jailbroken and unlocked. when i try to update installer to 3.01 it says Error “Package download failed”. Everything else downloads. Any ideas how to fix this.

  16. Libertyforall says

    To fix the “Package download failed” error, just re-jailbreak your iPhone w/ZiPhone 2.5b or higher…

  17. Thanks.. But tried that and didn’t work..

  18. is there other way to get rid of number 2 on update installer. I’m using ver 1.1.3. After reading all your comments I understand that if install the update the software may not run properly.

  19. Hey guys im running 1.1.3 when i attempt to refresh or download , intsall app will download the package and at the end of the progress bar it will say “Error package download failed” ….can someone send some help my way

  20. dominique says

    i have v. 1.1.4
    and installer v.3.01 and i cant download anything !
    it says dowloading package failed…..

  21. installer 3.01 fails to install..