Jailbreak 1.1.4 – My Progress

Well I have been completely successful in jailbreaking 1.1.4 with Zibri’s ZiPhone 2.5. But I have had problems getting some apps to run correctly. I have found a way to fix most of them, the only exception being Customize.

There is a problem where Installer won’t let you install 1.1.3 version apps on 1.1.4, but there is a fix on installer now. Also I had to manually add my own symbolic links, as the 1.1.3 installer fixes did not properly create a sym link in 1.1.4

Sorry for the delay, but I will do a full write up tomorrow.

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  1. welll all the applications including summerboard, iradio and customize works fine with me evn i updated my installer and i unlocked my iphone through indpendence worked liked charm ….

  2. FatBoy(-_-)/" says

    Whilst I haven’t installed every single app – I’ve been successful with using iSpazio ‘s Tweak(1.1.4) compatibility patch (if that’s the fix you’re talking about) for all the apps I want.

    It’s a pain because you have to install the patch, then install the 1.1.3 app you want, then uninstall the patch (and you repeat this for each app you want).

    However, this has helped me customize my phone back to the way I had it on 1.1.3, i.e. summerboard, customize, categories etc, all working perfectly!

    Anyways, keep up the good work Jacob, appleiphoneschool site ROCKS! :-)

  3. wish my luck ws that good…customizer is asking for firmware 1.1.[123] after i did the install to 1.1.4 iphone update..can anyone advise



    • It’s on the ispazio source (see sources)

      I’ve been having major problems with Installer crashing though – I restored
      back to 1.1.3, and same trouble. Problem in the ZiPhone 2.5b ????

      Anyway, it’s my first comment. I love this site by the way!

  5. FatBoy(-_-)/" says

    @Bernard – Customize is version 1.21 (custom),2 – Source is iPod Touch Fans

    @Powertoola – 1.1.4 Compatibility Patch version 1.0 under Tweaks (1.1.4), source is iSpazio ( as Dohn mentioned above)

    1.1.4 seems more stable for me than 1.1.3

    My iphone is on 3.9BL (which started its life as a 1.1.1), it’s now on 1.1.4 firmware, with 04.04.05_G Modem. I used Ziphone 2.5b GUI, and also installed the “Ziphone iBrickr Fix” from Source i.unlock.no and now my phone is recognized as jailbroken with both iNdependence and iBrickr.

    iTunes, YouTube, GoogleMaps pin pointing /locating me, is working perfectly!

    It is odd to note that all iPhones seem to react differently to each other though – I can’t quite get my head round it, but I’ve unlocked 3 different iPhones via HACKTHATPHONE.com’s site and all were running 1.1.2, 3.9BL but when I upgraded to 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 each one reacted slightly differently although they all work 100%… such as Ziphone, and iNdependence couldn’t get one of them into DFU mode, and manually I couldn’t put that awkward one into DFU mode either….. All in all though, I’m pleased with the upgrade so far.


  6. FatBoy(-_-)/" says

    @Bernard what’s your email address?

  7. Jacob,

    I used the first 2.5 ziphone to JB my 1.1.4, i now see that there is a new 2.5c because of some bug. do i need to re-JB using the 2.5c?


  8. problem 1.1.4 cant install labrynth says error installer app …

    new itunes stos me restoring my ipod 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 only normal 1.1.4

  9. So are you guys having any luck with 1.14

  10. If u have a link to 1.1.4 customizer or can help samskillz805@gmail.com plz help