What is up with the Installer!

If you have refreshed your sources tonight and been overwhelmed by the amount of apps in the Recent Packages section…you are not the only one! The reason for so many apps is due to the fact that the Installer update has allowed for a “Sponser Tag” in which Ste Packaging can put the, BW: PolarBearFarm.com. You will notice that the BW: PolarBearFarm.com has moved from the description field to the top of every app from Ste and now says Package s/b PolarBearFarm.com or Package s/b Freeit4Less.com. This is really cool because now you are able to see the full description of apps again! It does mean however that Ste has to readd all 300 or so of his apps so they fit the format. Therefore…you are seeing them all as he readds them. So, until he gets them all readded with the new format…you will continue to see them in the Installer as Recent Packages.

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  1. Will this mean the update feature won’t work because the app name has changed?

    • Nope…it will still show up as an update because the actual name hasn’t changed just the description of the app. So, it should still work like normal!

  2. anyone know the the sponsor tag is?

    Would that be it?

  3. please help, i have ver. 1.1.1 and installer is not existing in my iPhone i tried to install is through jealbreakme.com but when i hit install app nothing happened and the iphone goes to home, any ideas. thanks

  4. Nour, I suggest restoring in iTunes. Don’t shift+click or anything, just hit restore. DO NOT SYNC WITH ITUNES AFTER RESTORE!!!!Next go to this site:
    Click download ziphone.
    Now run ziphone. For iPod touch, click on Jailbreak, now for iPhone’s, click on “Do It ALL!” give it up to 4 minutes. If you need further help, e-mail me at: