80 Application Limit

I’ve been struggling with my iPhone (1.1.3) lately. When I would try to install any app my iPhone would not respring/restart. It would just sit with the spinny thing or if I shut it off it would stick at the Apple logo. If I OpenSSH’d in and removed the app manually everything worked fine. I was backing up my iPhone and getting ready to restore and start all over when I got an email from a reader that pointed me to this thread on modmyifone.com. It talked about people with 78, 79, 80 or so apps and their iPhone was doing the same thing as mine. It was finally concluded that this is a common problem and that eventually a newer version of SummerBoard would possibly fix it. BigBoss also said he would give it a shot if SummerBoard doesn’t fix it soon. So, I went in and uninstalled a bunch of outdated apps or ones I had installed just for testing. Now there’s no problem. From what I’ve read, apps, categories, web apps, etc… count towards the 80 or so limit count. Either way, hopefully there is a fix soon. Let us know if you’ve had this problem in the comments.

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  1. Yeah, 80 apps limit for me,
    I was wating for de new Summerboard because I thinked that this fix the problem, but not.
    Big inconvenient… for 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 version

  2. Let’s get the word out! Digg this! http://digg.com/apple/The_Infamous_iPhone_80_App_Limit

  3. likwidfuzion says

    This app limit has been around for quite a long time. I experienced it first hand in 1.1.1 myself.

    • I have way more than 80 apps on my 1.1.1. I’m pretty sure one of the SummerBoard updates back in the day fixed this issue on a 1.1.1.

  4. wow 80 apps? i cant even think of 80 useful apps…

    • 80 apps sounds like a lot, but spread out over 7 pages, it doesn’t look like that many.
      There are about 20 firmware-supplied apps (including the invisible ones)…
      I’ve got about 20 utilities just to manage the iPhone, control SSH, etc. This includes Mobile Finder, and all of its plugins…Terminal, and so on.
      The rest of the apps can easily be filled an assortment of guitar tuners, virtual instruments, card games, and video game emulators.

      I hear that the newest version of SummerBoard (3.2) fixes this…haven’t confirmed it personally though.

  5. This problem has now been fixed with the new SummerBoard 3.2.

  6. atrophic says

    I have had well over 80 installed for some time now. How did this not effect my iphone (1.1.2)? I have my apps organized into categories, without overlap the categories alone have 93 apps, plus at least a dozen more not in the categories. Did anybody else *not* have this problem?

  7. cartoon156 says

    I figured out ths problem yesterday. When I was updating to 1.1.3, I was wondering why I got the spinning circle, after restoring it 3 times. I googled it and learned that the app limit caused the problem, but since there was no fix, there was no choice but to turn back to 1.1.2. Too bad the fix didn’t come earlier :\

  8. Did Summerboard 3.2 fix this issue, I havent been able to test?

  9. Another issue: there is a max limit of 9 home pages, so theoretically there would be a limit of (16×9)=144 Applications?

  10. I have 112 apps right now with no difficulties. I’m guessing this is no longer a problem (since the OS has been updated multiple times since the original posts on thread).


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