LEDBanner 0.1

LEDBanner LEDBanner is a simple application. When you open up the app you will see words scrolling across the screen. That is about all it does, it is a banner. If you want to change the text, just tap the screen and change it to what you want it to scroll. I think it would be cool if you could change the colors! You can get it from the modmyifone.com source. See the screen shots below.

LEDBanner 0.1 LEDBanner 0.1 LEDBanner 0.1
LEDBanner 0.1 LEDBanner 0.1

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  1. What do you use for screenshoting? I can’t use Erica’s “snap” anymore because I spontaneously started getting the “purpleapp” errors.

  2. It would also be cool if you could change the scrolling rate.

  3. fun little app, its good for when your sitting somewhere and you cant talk to someone and using this app to show a funny short message to make them laugh. hopefully next updates will add more, but right now it works good and is fun to play with, use it “safe for work” or “not safe for work sayings”


  4. Very cool! Would also be nice to have add/edit/delete functionality to allow keeping a list of different messages so you can switch between them at will.

  5. another thing that would be nice would be a speed control

  6. nikos ko says

    can we make words scrolling faster??? please tell me if you know how. thanx!

  7. Anybody knows a new version to go faster, it´s very slow the rolling…Thanks