Search 1.08.1b

Search Version 1.08.1b makes Search compatible with 1.1.4. Honestly…I had forgotten how useful this app can be! It has been a while since I have done a post about it (because nothing has come out about it) but, while witting this post I remembered how much I like this app! I also noticed a feature that I never noticed in the past…I don’t know if I just missed it or if it is new…but, when you search for a contact it not only gives you all the phone numbers listed for that contact (and email address, websites….) but there is also a button at the bottom with the option to text message them! I seriously have never seen that before…and it is not like you can miss it…it is a huge button! Ok, yep, just read the change log…that has been there for a few versions now! My bad! But, it is still really cool! Search is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are the screenshots…including screenshots of the “new” feature I found!

Search 1.08.1b Search 1.08.1b

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  1. i’ve also had this app since the first version and never noticed the text message button until yesterday

  2. I have this app but since i upgraded BSD subsystem to 2.1 that this app doesn’t work well. When i use “search contacts” it only works with sucess in contacts with only one phone field. If i have a contact for example with 5 phone numbers and try to open it with “Search contacts” option the APP just abort. Can you please help me find a solution ? This happens on 1.1.1 and 1.1.3. I believe will happen on 1.1.4 also.

    • App works fine for me – i dont have contacts w/5 numbers but it works on contacts w/4

      I have had this app since the 1st version and i think it is the best application for the iphone. it is not mentioned a lot but it is definitely the most useful (i have 957 contacts and Apples scrolling is awful)

      There is 1 enhancement i wish they would make – i wish it would remember the search you were on. if you search for a contact and select their cell number and make the call and then hang up because you couldn’t reach them, it brings you back to the search but with the search firld blank and the contacts at “A”.
      It would be great to be brought back to that contact so you can select them again and call the office or home number

  3. Search is a good app and works similar to how you search contacts on other phones. However i found it takes too long for your contact list to load using it.

    I can get to my number faster by simply hitting the “contacts” app from my springboard. I have timed myself to prove it.

    It needs to be faster and i’d use it exclusively.

  4. I’d love this app if works with phone like (555) 512-354
    But with the () characters, the app doesn’t work

  5. thanks!!!!

  6. I must be a moron.
    I have included the STE packaging source to my installer:
    I have refreshed the source, but I can’t the application “search”.
    I get the application TapSearch and WebSearch but not Search.
    where am I going wrong?

  7. Does anyone know if it is possible to search for a telephone number to find out who the telephone number belongs to? I used to do this with my old casio PDA when someone phoned my landline and didn’t leave a message.

  8. I´m searching SEARCH too. It maybe doesn´t exist any more . It´s a great app!

  9. Who do i dowload it from where do i install the app ??