Alarm 0.1.1

Alarm Ever wonder what you would do if you were being attacked…what if you had an alarm on your iPhone? Well…now you do! Alarm is an app that brings you just that…an alarm. The app opens to a screen with a red circle in the middle…the alarm has a sensor that can tell when your iPhone is “freefalling”…when the sensor is tripped the alarm will go off and your screen will flash red. So, based on the picture in the more info section of the app, when you are being attacked you can throw your iPhone and the alarm will go off. And man is it loud!! The only thing is…I’m not sure that if you are being attacked that you want to take the time to unlock your iPhone, enter your pin, find the app on your SpringBoard, open it and then set off the alarm. I suggest yelling or maybe throwing your iPhone at the person instead! I also have this fear of having the app open and then slipping on some ice and falling and the alarm going off, turning even more attention in my direction as I struggle to get up!! Though, I do think the “freefalling” sensor is super sweet. Another app that you could totally show off to your friends. Alarm is available through the source. Below are the screenshots.

Alarm 0.1.1 Alarm 0.1.1 Alarm 0.1.1 Alarm 0.1.1 Alarm 0.1.1

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  1. LOL!

    “when you are being attacked you can throw your iPhone and the alarm will go off”

  2. cassandra says

    i do not see myself throwing my touch at an attacker.

    have a great day!


  3. If someone is attacking me, it is probably to get my iphone!

    Can you make an app that self-destructs the iphone with a big flash, thereby rendering it useless to the attacker and blinding him so I can kick his butt for making me destroy my iphone?

  4. I am just going to put this on my phone just because hahahahah i think its so funny!!

  5. the info screen is classic…

  6. August Stoten says

    Back to great minds thinking these things up….it absolutely amazes me that people can think up an app that can allow the phone to start screaming when it is thrown, but nobody seems to be able to come up with a A2DP fix or Flash support pluggin.

  7. ROFL @ 6