MxTube 1.0

MxTube MxTube is a YouTube video downloader. When you open the app you will see a lower menu bar with four options; Featured, Search, Videos and Downloads. I’m not exactly sure what the Featured Page does…as of right now it just has a Not Found error. The Search option allows you to search YouTube for videos…for example, I used the key words baby laughing. It then brought up a list of relevant videos listing them from most viewed to least viewed. With each video in the list you are given a thumbnail of the video, the title of the video, the number of stars it has, the number of times it has been viewed, how long it is and who it was uploaded by. Once you have found a video you would like to download…just tap on it. This will bring up a pup-up in which you have three options for downloading; High (Wifi), Low (Edge) or Both. You can also cancel the request. Once you have select the download quality, it will begin to download and will show up in the Downloads section in the lower menu bar. If you go into the Downloads options you will see the size of the file, how much of it has been downloaded and you also have the option to cancel the download by tapping on the red x next to it. The number of videos you have downloading will also show up as a badge on the Downloads icon on the lower menu bar. Once a video has finished downloading it will be put into the Videos section.

If you tap on Videos on the lower menu bar…you will get a list of all the videos that you have downloaded. There is also an Edit button in the upper right corner that allows you to delete downloaded videos. In your downloaded Videos list, you will see the Title of the video, what the video quality is for each video…high or low, the length of the video and the person that downloaded the video. To play one…just tap on it. Once it is playing, you can open the multi-media controls by tapping on the video…if you tap Done in the upper left corner it will bring you back to your list of downloaded videos. Once you download a video it will keep it in the Downloaded section until you delete it, even when the app is closed and reopened. MxTube is very well implemented…the interface is impressive and it works exactly how it should. If you would like to installer it, it is available through the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots!

MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0 MxTube 1.0

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  1. Great app. Thanks for this. But please add an option to pause and resume downloads, to rename the files and do something with the crashes, beacouse in my iPhone is crashing a lot!

  2. The downloads on “high” never finishes for me.
    Only the low quallity.

    • you have to sometimes let the videos dl one at a time…if you dl multiple videos all at once itll have a higher chance of crashing…

      what you can also do if you dont like MXtube is go onto cydia and DL youtube again…its just like MXtube nothings different on it so whatsoever

  3. Yaa .. big downloads never finish … the just stop in the middle …
    and there is a crash problem too ..
    I guess that would be sorted out in the future updates..
    Overall an awesome app…
    Great going guys

  4. Marvelhous! I’ll donate!
    For me, connected in an 3G modem, I could download a video of 26MB in less then 3 minutes. This is a killer app. I doubt if Apple will do an application like this, and ….for free!

  5. Very nice app. I also have the crash problem from time to time. I haven’t used my wifi with the app yet, but I have seen on edge it will not finish the hi res versions either. Pretty much at 50% just stops. Over all a very nice app. Great going to the kids that made it. Smart little buggers huh lol. Good job.

  6. By my side this apps is nice. But, some reported issues in this thread are true:
    – “downloads never finish”: this is because you may have lost your internet connection. Once you reconnect, you must stop and download the file again, or else skip the currently download, then the next will do properly.
    – Load 25 More…: it crashes the app if you are downloading and hit this link

    Small troubles for a great app. Hope they will be fixed later, let’s just give some time to this baby grow up!

  7. fatboy(-_-)/" says

    Just confirming what regi said – there seems to be a certain time out period – so if you haven’t downloaded your file within that period (your connection may have been lost and therefore) it seems to fail halfway through your download.

    For people with faster internet connections, this wont be a problem. I successfully downloaded a 23mb file (after I ensured no other apps on my pc were downloading/uploading) in just over a minute. (I have a 2mb ADSL line)

  8. Great app but it always crash for no reason and downloads on HIGH never finishes.

  9. downloads on high have finished but the ones less than 30mb, im download a video 255 MB and has crashed everytime, but a great app, still will need extras, but im not complaining its FREE anyways!

  10. this is a great app. but needs some work. It crashes quite a bit, especially on larger files.

  11. do you know if anyone has the code for youtube player (official), i would like to create an app for the iphone

  12. AMAZING!!!!!!
    12.6Mb in 2 mins!!!!!! (WiFi of course)

  13. This is a HUGE app for the iPod Touch. Great app! I’m impressed!

    • on my iPhone mxtube never downloads well. It always says download finished prematurely. And when I look for a video it logs out of mxtube and it goes back to my menu.

    • Dear rosario,

      have u solved the problem due to download prematurely?
      mine also got problem. love this app & hopefully someone can help me plsss…

  14. When i´m playing a video more than a minute the video stop…all of them!

    • I am experiencing the same problem. I download the videos thru High and it completes almost instantly. WHEN I PLAY THEM, I ONLY GET TO ABOUT A MINUTE (SOMETIMES EVEN LESS).

      I hope the developer does something about that.


  15. Great interface, but still has too many problems. video downloads stop after playing half-way and have bad pixelation compared to viewing the same video through apple’s player. I don’t see the great advantage this has over the regular apple youtube player.

  16. cassandra says


    this is the best app EVER! thank you so much for turning us on to it. when i have no wifi but want to show a youtube video, now i can.



  17. Gauranga says

    Great except the crashes I’m getting! Looking forward to future versions

  18. Should be possible to make the videos dowloaded visible on itunes? Or make them downloadable on pc?

  19. henry0384 says

    GREAT APP!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Sweetboy says

    Excellent piece of software, big up to the person responsible. Only 2 questions: Is there a way of saving downloaded videos to my mac for restore purposes, also some video’s can’t be watched (cannot view video) shows up sometimes.. any way around this problem…?

    • For the MAC problem
      goto , then past in your youtube url.
      i use a pplication called vlc player which will play the saved you tube file.
      For the Cannot view Video issue – remove mxtube, reinstall it with auto-keypad lock off then reboot your iphone.

      Hope this helps.

  21. Bertiedugger says

    Wow when this app gets fine tuned it will be on everyones ipod touch and iphone without any shadow of a doubt. Im a big user of youtube on my iphone and touch but it can be hit and miss if clips will play at times.

    Onces the crashes and other bugs are sorted i will be hammering this app to death.

    PLEASE continue its development. xxx

  22. mine crashes all the time wen I search for somthing it crashes and i am on 1.1.1 on the itouch plus i updated it and it still crashes can someone help me out

  23. thanks for a nice app.
    though it still has a lot of tweaks to be done.
    it resets when you open search, it closes and opens back the springboard.
    stops downloading in the middle or after few minutes.
    i hope u could add pause and resume during download. or a more smart download features.
    but thanks anyway. you’ll have more people to donate for your efforts.

  24. man!!!
    i love this app!!
    i will donate $100 to MxWeas

  25. man!!!
    i love this app!!
    i will donate $100 to MxWeas!!

  26. One of the Best apps out there, Very Nice and fast, just what I needed i would be happy with just audio, but being able to download any music I want and save it to b played at anytime is dopee. Mad props brother everyone who sees my iphone wants on because of dev. like you. apple should send you a check bro.
    Thanks again

  27. I think i read somewhere that either MXTube or the iTunes has a download limit of about 14MB per file…. so if you try to download anything more than 14MB, the app will crash or you get an unfinished video.

  28. oops.. sorry… MXTube or the iPhone has a download limit of about 14MB per file…

  29. Found it… the author has attributed the problem to youtube as they were prematurely closing the download connection. He can do nothing about it. I think YouTube gives a certain timeframe for downloading? So if you have a fast connection, you can download big videos in a few seconds but if you have a slow connection.. you have to settle for smaller videos.

  30. do u have to jail break ipod touch before you can do this or not

    if u do dose jailbread mess up your ipod touch

    reply plz

    • ya u do have to jailbreak your ipod touch .. and only the frist gen can be jailbroken .. as i no of.. if u try to jail break the second it makes u resore it .. just but just download QuickPWN22 and do as it says and u will have your jailbreak ipod touch:D .. i did myn and i’m in love !!

  31. One of the best apps ever. Never crashed, even when i downloaded an 22MB video.

  32. can iphone use mp3 to ringstone?

  33. tbh this application is crap, I mean what a useless idea man! The kid would be better of studying rather spend hours on useless junk

    • All music videos you have to pay for on itunes could be found free on youtube and this app lets you download and save these videos on your device and you think it is useless?. No imagination. Great app.

  34. William Shewfelt says

    This is definitely one of my top 3 apps. Not to be mean, but the screenshots posted are terrible… :/

  35. This is the best site about iphone i’ve ever been to. But when I download stuff like games and applications, how much do they cost?
    I’m not exactly sure whether they cost money or not. And also MxTube, do they cost money?

    Thanks a Lot!

  36. I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an iPod Touch. Is it possible if I wanna have MxTube in my iPod Touch. The problem is I don’t have ‘Installer’. Please Reply :)


  37. gineticz says

    luv da app…Up until a few dais ago…the app has been wrkin fine
    but…I’ve been hvin problems viewing the videos after downloads completed….
    I’ve tried uninstalling mxtube n reinstalling agen, but this doesn’t seem to resolve the problem…

  38. gineticz says

    the videos list went blank :(

  39. AWESOME!!!

  40. Very nice app
    But please add an option to pause and resume downloads

  41. Francisco says

    This is the best application and my favorite. This should be available in the App Store.

  42. do you need to jailbreak your phone to use your application?

  43. hola!!!

    y para un iphone con firmware 2.0 que hay???

  44. “higH” downloads is usually interupted…

    i’m able to download high dloads though but on a very tedious process… with a wifi @ 38 it needs 5mins for a 10mb dload….

    “low” dloads are nothing but fugliness…. thyre pixelized!

    ive been able to download a cornucopia of videos here and theyre working pretty well….

    one thing though…. it eats out my batteries…. BRRRRRR.

  45. how do i get this app on my iphone ? i really want it ..thanks

  46. i dunno how to download stuff mentioned here.. can anyone temme how to download it??

  47. its a great app i downloaded a 23mb file in just under 3 min
    now i can share youtube videos whereever i go n without wifi
    looking for some updates

  48. please, Can someone back up videos of the mixtube to the PC?

  49. I read all the comments looking for a download link for the mxtube and could not find it :( can anybody give me a download link for the mxtube? I have the Ipod Touch 16gb.

    Thanks guys.


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