YouTube Video as Video Ringtone

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

MxTubeFindervWallpaperI’m going through the forum, which I would love to have more time for, and I found this thread stated by DJContagious. It explains how to take a YouTube Video and make it into a video ringtone. How sweet is that! Great job DJContagious!

yes its true, there’s a way to get YouTube videos as a ringtone

iPhone (DUH!) FW 1.1.4
Wi-Fi (not necessarily a requirement, but saves time)
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MxTube 1.5a

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

MxTube MxTube has made it’s way into Cydia. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see it so quickly based on a post written by the developer a few days ago saying that MxTube was going to be delayed due to a few bugs. It seems the developer has made a compromise releasing version 1.5a. It basically makes MxTube run on the 2.0 firmware…there are a few new feature but, it is not the full MxTube 2.0 version. The new features include; Background Downloader (which allows you to continue to download videos even after closing the application), Video Descriptions and the ability to watch videos in MxTube before downloading them. All of which are very cool new features!!

When you first open MxTube 1.5a, you will need to accept the License Agreement. From here you will get a donate pop-up and then be brought to the main page of the application. The overall application looks the same. You still have the options; [Read more…]

MxTube 2.0 available soon!

MxTube Every once and a while we still get random emails asking us what ever happened to MxTube 2.0, a YouTube video downloader. Well, ever since we first learned that the developer of MxTube was working on MxTube 2.0, I have been keeping a close eye on his blog and it seems he is finishing up the development of MxTube 2.0 and we should see it in the next few days!

Below is some info about MxTube 2.0 via the developer. Check out our post on MxTube for more info about the app.
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MxTube Below is some info from the developer on MxTube about MxTube2 and how it is coming along. Check out our post on MxTube for more info about the app.

MxTube2 dev has been going great! Just like before everything is just falling into place perfectly. So far MxTube2 has not crashed once and doesn’t have a single bug. Also, one small but cool feature I have been able to build is dynamic thumbnail loading for the search function. Just like the youtube app, mxtube2 will only load thumbnails in view after scrolling has stopped. This improves the speed of the application considerably.

I’m really excited to see what MxTube2 will bring. This is one of my favorite apps, it even made it to the list of my Top Ten Apps. Can’t wait until it is released!

MxTube 1.0

MxTube MxTube is a YouTube video downloader. When you open the app you will see a lower menu bar with four options; Featured, Search, Videos and Downloads. I’m not exactly sure what the Featured Page does…as of right now it just has a Not Found error. The Search option allows you to search YouTube for videos…for example, I used the key words baby laughing. It then brought up a list of relevant videos listing them from most viewed to least viewed. With each video in the list you are given a thumbnail of the video, the title of the video, the number of stars it has, the number of times it has been viewed, how long it is and who it was uploaded by. Once you have found a video you would like to download… [Read more…]