YouTube Video as Video Ringtone

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MxTubeFindervWallpaperI’m going through the forum, which I would love to have more time for, and I found this thread stated by DJContagious. It explains how to take a YouTube Video and make it into a video ringtone. How sweet is that! Great job DJContagious!

yes its true, there’s a way to get YouTube videos as a ringtone

iPhone (DUH!) FW 1.1.4
Wi-Fi (not necessarily a requirement, but saves time)

Step 1. Open MxTube, find a video you would like as your ringtone, and download (I would recommend the ” High quality” option, it would look more cut up).

Step 2. Once the video is done downloading, quit MxTube and open Finder.

Step 3. Navigate to. /var/mobile/Media/MxTube and spot the video you downloaded (this might be a bit challenging if you have multiple videos, just look In the little pictures and see which one could be from your video.).

Step 4. Once you find you video, locate the clone of it (by this I mean the .mp4 file that matches the name of the .THM picture of the video you just downloaded.

Step 5. Press “File” and then “Move”.

Step 6. Now navigate to /var/mobile/Media/Skrew/vRingtones

Step 7. Once there, press “Paste” at the bottom left button panel.

Step 8. Once it pastes there, exit Finder and reboot your phone.

Step 9. Open vWallpaper, and select Video Ringtones, then Select Videos, and select the vid u just downloaded. Then reboot.

Done! Now ask someone to call you, and you will see a YouTube video as your ringer!

It seems for me, I didn’t need to move the files using finder. vWallpaper found them on it’s own! That makes it much easier. Let me know how it works for you.

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  1. Last time I updated vWallpaper it automatically added my mxTube downloads to the list of videos to use as wallpaper or ringtone.
    I didn’t have to go through finder.
    My version of vWallpaper is 0.93

  2. vWallpaper does that automatically. The only issue is that you cannot recognize the names, but you can still preview them.
    I have a question: some youtube videos are rotated and shrinked when using vWallpaper (to fit the screen). Any way to sthrech them?

  3. Phil, Washington DC says

    I had video ringtones on my first ten iPhone, really cool!! Can’t wait for this to be 2.0 compatible in Cydia.

  4. mattyb123 says

    Worked for me. :)

  5. sweet I didn’t know vWallpapaer does that automatically! That’s a time saver. Anyway thanks for posting my article on here!!

    Much respect,

  6. could someone do a video to show this process as well as the final product? i’m interested to see how this works since i dont have my iphone yet ><

  7. I thought that was already possible without going through the hassle

  8. Find it just as eay too use

    And u got loads and loads ringtones made allready

  9. it´s been released Mivtone, former known as videostone, now available in cydia

  10. They now want you to pay 20 bucks for the app…
    Personally I don’t think it is worth 20. 10 maybe.

  11. can we do it on 2.0???

  12. Dannyslice says

    i know its says for 1.1.4 only but has anyone got it running on 1.1.3?

  13. From 113 upgraded to 2.0
    now I’m missing installer
    any way I can downgrade to 114?

  14. Does VWallpaper work on 2.0 3G Iphone?

  15. where do i get vWallpaper for my iphone 3g

    anyone know please email me at