Pants on the Ground Ringtone

YouTubeIf you watch American Idol you already know what I’m talking about. If not, check out the video below. The ringtone is available in Cydia from the modmyi source. Just search for “pants on the ground.” It took a few tries for me to get it to download but I did get it to work.

YouTube Video as Video Ringtone

Available In: Installer       Price: Free  

MxTubeFindervWallpaperI’m going through the forum, which I would love to have more time for, and I found this thread stated by DJContagious. It explains how to take a YouTube Video and make it into a video ringtone. How sweet is that! Great job DJContagious!

yes its true, there’s a way to get YouTube videos as a ringtone

iPhone (DUH!) FW 1.1.4
Wi-Fi (not necessarily a requirement, but saves time)
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iPhone Recorder

iPhone Recorder iPhone Recorder is an application that allows you to record audio through your iPhone’s microphone. When you open the application you will get a pop-up with three options; Purchase a License, Enter Registration Code and Continue Evaluation. It costs $14.95 to purchase the application however, you can buy it as a bundle with iPhone Video Recorder for $24.95 (you save $10.00 when you purchase them as a bundle). Once you have made your selection and are in the application, you will see two options; Record and Settings. There are quite a few options in the Settings menu including; [Read more…]