Top Ten Apps

I have been asked, more than once, what my favorite apps are. So, I decided to give it some thought and create a list! I couldn’t get the list down to five…so, below are my top ten apps and why. I did not include BSDSubsystem, OpenSSH, Installer and Customize in the list…I figured they were obvious!! Let me know in the comments what your top five fav apps are!!

iBirthday10. iBirthday. Stylish interface, useful and I love the little message it leaves at the top of the SpringBoard!

sketches9. Sketches. Amazingly well put together! A classic app and a must have for any iPhone!

MxTube8. MxTube. I love being able to download videos to my iPhone without being connected to iTunes! Very convenient though, it does randomly have issues.

TimeCapsule7. TimeCapsule. One of a kind app, user friendly and saves me A TON of time after a restore!! Plus I love the icon!

SpringDial6. SpringDial. Easy to use and another time saver. All I have to do is tap the contact’s pic on my SpringBoard and voilĂ …I’m calling them. Perfect!

TTR5. TTR. Guitar Hero on the iPhone…how can you go wrong!! Very well put together, customizable and totally addicting!!

Converter4. Converter. Beautiful interface, tons of options and extremely useful.

Caterpillar3. Caterpillar. Adds a huge amount of features to my iPhone that are amazing!

XLaunch2. XLaunch. Allows me to easily find apps but, the part I cant live without, is the ability to set an app as the Home Button double tap!! All I have to do it double tap my Home button to launch Installer!! I will have it no other way!

Capture1. Capture. I use this app ALL THE TIME! It does exactly what it is supposed to do, every time! I like that it stays above pop-ups on the touch layers…meaning I can take screenshots of pop-ups with no problem. It is simple to use, convenient and reliable.

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  1. Da187suspect says

    Here’s my top 5 in no particular order.

    TimeCapsule (as soon as I learn to SSH my data)




    and of course Doug’s “RESTART”

  2. Da187suspect says

    and if I could only get Millionaire working, I’d add that to my list as well.

    • Is there a reason it’s not working 4 u? That’s a bummer, I’d be devastated without it!
      I’d luv 2 try Caterpillar again but I had to restore & re-jailbreak after downloading it so I’m afraid to try it again :)

    • I cant get Millionaire to work either on 1.1.1 :(

  3. Da187suspect says

    Off topic, but there is a new iBlackjack v.5.2 via Installer thru iPod Touched Repo

    Source code :

  4. Cool apps!

    sent from: [FID160932]

  5. Hi, here’s my top ten:

    1. Touchpad Pro
    2. Smart RSS
    3. MobileChat
    4. Categories
    5. MxTube
    6. NES
    7. Drummer
    8. Finder
    9. Flashlight
    10. Restart

    • I think your list is better as it has TouchPad Pro, Finder and Mobile Chat, but I dont agree with NES (I dont play games)

      I would put Capture instead.

  6. atrophic says

    My favorites:

    VNsea and OpenSSH for remote administration of my desktop (OpenSSH is great for more than just fussing with the iPhone)

    colloQ IRC client for troubleshooting

    Lyrics (I think it’s called something else, but this is what the label says under the icon). Displays lyrics for the currently playing track, and caches previous searches.

    Pianist/Drummer/Guitarist – How awesome is it to be able to make music well from your phone?

    MobileScrobbler – It tracks all the music I listen to, AND recommends stuff I’ll like. *very* well put together app. One of the few I’d consider paying for (but it’s free!)

    Books – It’s unbelievable how convenient it is to have your book everywhere you go with you (I’ve also recently fallen in love with, an iphone specific book reading website). There are a few sources that have many books as packages for the Books app too.

    Converter – I’m surprised how often I use this utility app, and it’s very well done.

    CubeWorld – panorama viewer that is really cool. I hope many more panoramas come out for it.

    EvolutionRGB – fastinating game-like toy to play with.

    iPhysics – several very cool level packs, and I haven’t even seen very many of them

    Labyrinth (pre-demo version), iSolitaire, Backgammon, TextTwist, WeSpot, Parking Lot are my favorite games to play.

    All other apps I have installed can be found in my iAppCat repo:

  7. My top ten:
    1 – Flashlight (soo usefull when go to bad)
    2 – Ilog
    3 – Bossprefs
    4 – Isplit
    5 – Converter
    7 – Sketches
    8 – IP
    9 – Customize
    10 – Ibirtday

  8. riverlake says

    1. All Zodttd’s emulators
    2. Pianist/Drummer/Guitarist
    3. Converter
    4. MACalc
    5. Sketches
    6. iGo
    7. Books
    8. weDict
    9. VNotes
    10. SysInfo

  9. I must say that I love trying all new apps like most people so i would say that I love all apps at some point in time, just don’t keep them installed. Some of my current favs are as follows, also in no particular order:

    1) MxTube
    2) smartRSS
    3) iScores
    4) Stocks(standard apple) app because I dabble in the markets so I like to stay informed of how well or badly they are doing on a daily basis
    5) iPhysics
    6) Converter

  10. Dr. Riskevich says

    I’m not sure that this one’s are really my fav but still:

    1. iSolitare – not mine only mine fav, but my all friends too =)
    2. NES, gpsphone, genesis4iphone – no comments =)
    3. Pianist aka iAno – I’m crazy about it =)
    4. Drummer – with all add-ons :D
    5. Touchpad pro – really helpfull app. Rating 10/10.

    This one’s is obligate to have on your iPhone/iPod Touch =)

  11. i have a problem wid av player..wenever i try to open it it opens a safari page..even wen i try d open with option on mobile finder for some file it opens a safari page..wat should i do