iBlackjack Update alpha5.2

iBlackjack There are no visual changes to the app with the update to alpha5.2. However, according to the Developer, there were fixes to following three bugs:

Fixed dealer card show timing after double down (Bug #39)
Fixed card counts with Insurance/Surrender Prompts (Bug #39)
Added Back Button to Themes Menu (Bug #38)

The update is available in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging source. Below is the one screenshot! :)
iBlackjack Update alpha5.2

iBlackjack Update alpha5.1 & 5.1.1

iBlackjack The update to iBlackjack in the Installer.app through the Ste Packaging Source brought only one “noticeable” change. It added a new 3D flippy animation to the cards…which I think it cool!! I love all the new 3D animations everyone is adding!! It also fixed a glitch that caused the screen to lockup after an insurance offer. And, both the alpha5.1 and the quick update to alpha 5.1.1 updated some behind the screens stuff like code and whatnot. So…if you want the new 3D animation be sure to update!! Here are the screenshots:

iBlackjack Update alpha5.1 iBlackjack update alpha5.1.1

iBlackjack Update alpha5

iBlackjack There has been an update in the Installer.app for iBlackjack. The update to alpha5 brings with it a few changes! When you first open the app to the play screen you will notice that it gives each player their total points as they play (you can shut this feature off in the preferences). There have also been some changes made to the screens that pop up when you wins or lose. Each screen now gives you specifics on the amount of money you have won or lost. The preferences have also changed…you can choose to turn off showing the player totals and there is also an option to change the theme. As of right now…the only theme available is the default theme however, there is a button on the bottom right corner that says Get More. When you tap on Get More it gives you instructions on a source you can add to get more themes. The designer also added some copyright info on the bottom of the preferences screen which was not there before. Overall…a good update! Here are the screenshots:

iBlackjack Upadate Alpha5 iBlackjack Upadate Alpha5 iBlackjack Upadate Alpha5
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iBlackjackDeveloper’s description of the game: Game.

This game opens to the main menu screen which has three options; start game, preferences and donate via PayPal. There are a ton of preferences you can change such as; number of decks in shoe, shoe depth shuffle percentage and number of times to shuffle shoe. There are also game rules that you can turn on or off they include; five card Charlie, double down and insurance (it says that split will be coming soon). Once you click on “start game” you will get a menu in which you can select the amount of your bet; $20, $50 or $100. The cards are then dealt, the dealer’s hand at the top of the page, yours at the bottom. To hit, [Read more…]