MxTube Below is some info from the developer on MxTube about MxTube2 and how it is coming along. Check out our post on MxTube for more info about the app.

MxTube2 dev has been going great! Just like before everything is just falling into place perfectly. So far MxTube2 has not crashed once and doesn’t have a single bug. Also, one small but cool feature I have been able to build is dynamic thumbnail loading for the search function. Just like the youtube app, mxtube2 will only load thumbnails in view after scrolling has stopped. This improves the speed of the application considerably.

I’m really excited to see what MxTube2 will bring. This is one of my favorite apps, it even made it to the list of my Top Ten Apps. Can’t wait until it is released!

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  1. Cool app it’s my #1 app that i use can’t wait for MxTube2 great job guys you’re the Best!

  2. UncleFunk says

    MXTube is the ONLY app to completely crash my iPod Touch. It died mid download and I got the spinning wheel of death for about 15 minutes before the device finally reset. Then it took about 10 minutes to reboot.

    Great app, but dear god the first version is dangerous on a 1.1.1 iPod.

  3. I found something called “MxTube Fixed”

    here is the link..

  4. I tried this on my 1.1.4 iPhone… works great!

    Hmm.. I used this one.. =>
    named as “MxTube Fixed 2.0”

  5. Hey, this really works on my iPhone 1.1.4 !! :)
    I used this one… labeled as “MxTube Fixed 2.0”


    • I tried installing the source for the site you listed but nothing. What source did you use to install the MxTube Fixed 2.0?? Thx

  6. I used “MxTube Fixed 2.0″… I’m not sure if it’s the same thing…
    It works!!

  7. I love this app…..i use it almost everyday…can’t wait to see how mxtube 2 will be.

    Still playing that dactyl game…..defused upto bombs so far…..awesome stuff

  8. Hi…I really like the app. but I can find version of Mxtube anyway. Do you know what is the source for it? Or has it been taken off the source for a reason??

  9. Sorry….I meant can’t find