MxTube 2.0 available soon!

MxTube Every once and a while we still get random emails asking us what ever happened to MxTube 2.0, a YouTube video downloader. Well, ever since we first learned that the developer of MxTube was working on MxTube 2.0, I have been keeping a close eye on his blog and it seems he is finishing up the development of MxTube 2.0 and we should see it in the next few days!

Below is some info about MxTube 2.0 via the developer. Check out our post on MxTube for more info about the app.

In the last status update the background downloader was communicating with MxTube but I hadn’t implemented the actual downloading. Turns out due to some NSRunLoop problems that I didn’t figure out until it was too late, NSURLDownload and NSURLConnection were not working. After having a friend (banana) suggest implementing libcurl, I coded it in but it was reporting all files to be 0kbs big :P. Thanks to tnt the problem has been solved! I plan to have MxTube 2.0 out for pwnd 2.0 phones within 5 days. It will be available on Cydia for download.


PS: Sorry if this post is not formatted so well, running on 1 hour of sleep isn’t a good thing. :)

This is one of my favorite apps, it even made it to the list of my Top Ten Apps. Can’t wait until it is released!

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  1. Now that is good news!

  2. YES IT IS :)

  3. Within 5 days. Good news!!

  4. X P H A Z E S says

    Is it coming to installer 4.0 as well or just Cydia.
    Hopefully both because I like installer way better than cydia.

    • doesn’t matter.. its the app that counts not the way it is distributed(installer/cydia)

  5. Brooke or Doug, im sorry to bother you, but how can I find my 2.0 firmware from itunes, i want to extract it from itunes to use with the new winpwn and I think to get it from the apple store I have to pay, thnx for any help, and I love this site keep up the good work

    • Brooke or Doug, bla bla bla bla, but how can I find my 2.0 bla from bla, i want to bla it from bla to use with the new bla and I think to get it from the bla bla I have to bla, thnx for any bla, and I bla this site keep up the good bla

  6. Nevermind, I just got the link from the winpwn 2.0 video thnx for that

  7. Excellent news. This is an awesome app. Now to just wait and watch the rest of the apps trinkle in. I expect to have my 3G looking like my first gen. in no time, the way things are going.

  8. good neeeews chariots coming good neeeeews :D

  9. the best news so far…. Best App on Iphone hands down…. If only Book Finder will follow.

  10. does this app add videos to the native stock video player in ipod or is there anyway use SSH to move them to the other folder

  11. Excellent news [2]

  12. Hey!
    i have the oldest version of mxtube [1.0]
    but when i went to subway this morning i touched my mxtube icon and it wouldnt download anything, my downloads are still there so i didnt worry.
    later i was kinda curious and looked went to the installer and entered uninstall and there was NO mxtube! BUT: it still shows the icon in my main menu. What happened? what do i do?!
    should i download the new version?
    will i lose the videos i already downloaded?