SDK Release

WoW! So far this press conference has been everything we hoped it would be! The SDK is said to be the exact same SDK apple uses to create there applications. They brought a few Dev companies in and gave them 2 weeks to develop applications., Sega, EA, AOL each presented games/applications they developed in those 2 weeks and the results are amazing! The SDK developed applications will be available through App Store a new application that will live on your iPhone. While Companies will be able to charge for their applications, there is also said to be free applications as well!

App Store

No Charge for FREE apps!

Steve says:
“We think a lot of people will want to become an iPhone developer — go to our site, probably in about an hour, and download the SDK. You can join the developer program to test your app on the iPhone and iPod touch and distribute your app — to join the dev program costs just $99. If you have any questions about anything give us a ping at”

And iPhone FW 2.0 should be out by June, for us all to try out these new apps! Not soon enough, but I’ll take it!

-Also announced today was Push Email/MS Exchange, basically full business solutions for the iPhone.

Read all the details HERE from Engadget.

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  1. So donations for the apps we currently use should go to the $99 SDK fee.
    So they can be free. Or is everyone now going to become money hungry and try to make money on what they have worked so hard for to be free?

    Let’s just hope The “Z” man can get us out of version 2.0!


  2. alex_dlc says

    no charge for free apps! hahahaha would be weird if they charged for free apps

  3. well they are chargning 30% to everyone else, so its nice that they are leaving freebies alone.

  4. June… this stinks.

  5. won’t be up and running until june?

  6. Yeah, update 2.0 wont be live till June, but the SDK is availible today, so come June there should be some sweet applications out and ready to go.

  7. geez 4 months to create some apps, better be a bunch of sweet ones.

  8. Dude…from what I saw today…it looks like it is going to be SUPER sweet. I love that you can download the apps through a “store” on your iPhone. I thought for sure they were going to do it through iTunes…that would have been dumb. They sooo stole the idea from the Installer!!

  9. There’s little to no question in my mind that apps built on the newly released SDK will be popping up on the Installer very soon.

  10. Nice announcement. I hope the Jailbraikers find how to run SDK with jailbreak. I know 1.1.3 is SDK approved, but Apple will obviously release a new firmware. I also hope that there are a bunch of GOOD free apps.

  11. if you couldn’t get the apps store without bein a legit apple no jailbreak would you go back to a regualr iphone for this SDK stuff

  12. i think the only reasonable thing for “jailbreakers” is to hope that some one develops a new jailbreak before the new iphone update, and makes it work with installer and still be able to use the new SDK . It sounds like a long shot, but alot of these “jailbreakers” have the potential to do it

  13. They are basically trying to eliminate the need of Installer, since developers can now list their apps for free on the AppStore. The only need of Installer would be for System tweaks, like SMBPrefs, StatusStyle, Caterpiller, etc…

  14. There is a free version of the SDK on Apple’s site:

    Be warned the site is WAY overloaded at the moment. Obvious reasons.

  15. So does this mean Jailbreaks will be pointless?

  16. SDK requires Mac OS X Leopard. Guess I’ll stick to developing web apps. :’-(

  17. Doug how about a poll SDK vs Installer?

  18. Nobody has mentioned how the App icon for apple is the same color blue as Installer

  19. cartoon156 says

    I really cannot wait for June. That’s where the iPhone really evolves.
    I hope the jailbreak/unlock can work on 2.0. My friend is crying and worrying whether he can do this on his T-Mobile, haha…
    For me, I am happy for this App Store, but it would be cool if I could get App Store AND Installer :)

  20. “alex_dlc Says:
    March 6th, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    no charge for free apps! hahahaha would be weird if they charged for free apps”

    i was laughing at that part too.
    but for the developing part of the iphone. i hope installer would be on there for a totally free things. the only other thing i hope for is that, I hope that many of the
    jailbreak developers or people who created apps for the iphone would spend time and make free apps and put it on the apple site. i have noticed that after installing and uninstalling multiple apps, that the iphone gets slightly unstable compared to a non-jailbroken phone. Things tend to run SLIGHTLY slower (sometimes things might lock up and/or crash.) then i have to restart my iphone from scratch. but my guess is maybe if you put it through the apple site, apple could finalize it as a Free app and and help fix all the stability issues.

    so with the New SDK coming out, i hope some of you developers don’t turn your back on us and make us pay you for each app we want through the itunes store.
    My iphone is my life, almost… hahaha

  21. So with this sdk development, will you guys (appleiphoneschool) be able to add these same applications to the iphone sdk and try to make a profit out of some of them?

    • No…we have not developed any apps that we could add to the SDK. It would be sweet if I knew how but, I don’t. I say we make Jacob figure it out!! :) Haha…sorry Jacob!

  22. I like how the developers can make their own price. My suggestion would be to add a rating system for site viewers to rate apps that you guys might not review when/if they cost money…

  23. How about 50cents?
    Its pocket change and would seriously help the developer out.

  24. Guys, wake up! I love my iPhone and I have dozens of wishes for hardware (3G, GPS, TV, FM radio, Weather sensors, Compass, Presentation laser, etc…) and software (Office, server, etc…) additions/improvements, some of which will never happen, but IMHO this totally wrong for one and only reason. Apple wants to CONTROL everything and they are about to get away with it!

    It is all about CHOICE! Think about it, If we go OFFICIALLY, some of us end up loosing the deal of ‘what-we-want and what-we’ll-be-given-as-a-choice’ by the end of the day. The iPhone is not even available where I live and when they sell it here, it will be locked. I want an unlocked iPhone and I want a firmware update which won’t brick my phone and access to most of the apps without accounts and personal details. They are changing what we were taking most of the time for granted. IMO judging from what I show, we’ll have a rock solid iPhone, but for less freedom and privacy. Just consider this, did you know that in order to use the Cloud in London you have to provide your telephone number? Why? What about my privacy? Why won’t I be able to download an app from the developer’s site without registration?

    Perhaps it’s just me, perhaps I worry to much, perhaps I’m wrong… nonetheless, it doesn’t feel right. I really hope that the hacker’s community will continue to provide me with (semi)functional solutions, because I intend to keep my well paid hardware unlocked.