Apps Not Possible on SDK

BigBoss wrote an article not too long ago about the applications that would not be developed on SDK and not allowed in the AppStore due to Apple’s developing rules. Just to clarify, these applications would not be allowed in the AppStore however, they are available through jailbreaking. They are not harmful to your iPhone or iPod Touch they are just against Apple’s rules for the AppStore. You could still have these application on your jailbroken iPhone. You have to remember that Apple does not allow any application that affect the System files. So, things like Customize, SummerBoard, FontSwap, IntelliScreen, iToday, StatusStyle, MXTube, MyMedia, biteSMS (the list goes on and on) would not be allowed. Also, applications that run in the background would also not be allowed such as; MobileChat, iRadio, Colloquy, PocketTouch and many more. [Read more…]

iPhone Earth

This is a video demo of iPhone Earth by It is being developed on SDK. From more info, check out THIS article.

Watch “iPhone Earth” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

SDK Press Release Video

Have you read all the blogs about SDK but still wish you could have seen the actually Press Release….well, you can! The full Press Release is available to be watched HERE on Apple’s website.

SDK Release

WoW! So far this press conference has been everything we hoped it would be! The SDK is said to be the exact same SDK apple uses to create there applications. They brought a few Dev companies in and gave them 2 weeks to develop applications., Sega, EA, AOL each presented games/applications they developed in those 2 weeks and the results are amazing! The SDK developed applications will be available through App Store a new application that will live on your iPhone. While Companies will be able to charge for their applications, there is also said to be free applications as well! [Read more…]

And it Begins!

Apple’s Press Release for SDK has begun…a few minutes early even! Stayed tuned for more info.