Apps Not Possible on SDK

BigBoss wrote an article not too long ago about the applications that would not be developed on SDK and not allowed in the AppStore due to Apple’s developing rules. Just to clarify, these applications would not be allowed in the AppStore however, they are available through jailbreaking. They are not harmful to your iPhone or iPod Touch they are just against Apple’s rules for the AppStore. You could still have these application on your jailbroken iPhone. You have to remember that Apple does not allow any application that affect the System files. So, things like Customize, SummerBoard, FontSwap, IntelliScreen, iToday, StatusStyle, MXTube, MyMedia, biteSMS (the list goes on and on) would not be allowed. Also, applications that run in the background would also not be allowed such as; MobileChat, iRadio, Colloquy, PocketTouch and many more.

Here is a snippet of the article written by BigBoss:

So in continuation of my rant on the SDK and firmware v2.0, I decided to compile a list of existing iPhone applications that I believe would be impossible or not allowed on the SDK. This is to give you an idea based on existing applications what types of things could not be done on the SDK or would not show up in AppStore, ever. In short, if you like these apps, plan on jailbreaking. Note, this is not a complete list.

Remember, there is nothing technologically limiting about the SDK, itself. Instead, it’s Apples distribution policies that make these apps impossible. So while the developer could program them, they would never be able to appear in AppStore with the current limitations set by Apple.

Apps that can not be written with SDK and distributed in AppStore:

Ants – Tis toy where ants are crawling around your screen violates the SDK rule about leaving a process running when you press home.

Appsupport – You live in a non-supported country and you want to patch your language? Tough luck. Requires system file access.Apache / LightFtpd – Like these web servers? Think they’re cool to run on your phone? Apple doesn’t. They will be shut off as soon as you hit home. Nothing is allowed to stay running. Not too useful like that.

Apollo IM – Nice instant messenger app. It would be ruined on the SDK because of the requirement that no app can stay running when you press home. You would have to reconnect each time you loaded the app. Everyone would see you as offline in the meantime. Worthless.

BiteSMS/SMSD etc – All these SMS applications will be crippled on the SDK as they would only allow you to work in the app but not stay running to receive SMS messages when you press home.

Go HERE to read the rest of this article.

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  1. umm…i dont really get when firmware 2.0 come out and i update or restore and then jailbreak..i wont be able to use both installer and Appstore? or do i have to use either or? plz illustrate

    • She is just saying (from what i read) that the applications that she listed will not be available through the app store in FW 2.0 but you CAN have them if you jailbreak your phone. You will be able to run app store and installer on your phone (assuming that people will figure out how to jailbreak FW 2.0 which im sure will happen)

    • That’s exactly right!

  2. daxter146 says

    I’m pretty sure you will be able to use both. Like big boss said nothing is impossible with the 2.0 firmware.

  3. So does this mean even the AIM program that they demostrated wouldn’t stay running? Whats the point of chat on your phone if you cant do other things while you are logged in AIM?

    • It is more than likely big companies like AOL or Google will get special privileges and will be allowed to run apps in the background. This isn’t clear yet.

  4. Will developers continue making apps for installer and not just focus on the appstore?

    • We have already heard that there will be developers doing both. A lot of developers aren’t in the App Store yet so their only choice will be to wait or use Installer.

  5. so they are tryna develope installer on 2.0? becuz i have to have mxtube and customize and things like that

  6. what ever you do now stick with it! Wait until mid august or so until the community jailbreak the new firmware and have bugs fixed to enable current apps that run smoothly on 1.13/4 to be compatible with out complexity! Got it ? The new firmware won’t do you much as of June 10 the day after those whom hurried on updating their phone to the latest firmware. That update is only for regular users who do not jailbreak their phones and clueless about what the iPhone is lol

  7. is it possible to make apps with the sdk and distribute them with the installer?

  8. Can anyone forecast how long a “jailbroken” version of 2.0 will take to come out? How long did it take for the “jailbroken” 1.4 to come out?

  9. According to Zibri, the developer of ZiPhone, the hacking work has already been done but he’s waiting for the new iTunes to come out before he can rewrite ZiPhone.

    He didn’t give a timeframe, just that it will happen.

  10. Richard B. says

    The only other problem I have read about is that the current Apps will not run on 2.0 because of a difference in file structure with 2.0. The Apps will have to be rewritten to work with 2.0. I will stick with 1.1.4 because nothing in 2.0 is all that great.

    • yeah ! For current app to work they’ll have to be recoded to be able to run on the next firmware. So well see a lot of updates the weeks following the new firmware update.

  11. Hi, about 2.0 if I have a jailbroken 1.1.4 ipod touch and I decide to upgrade when it is posible, will this upgrade give me the iphone apps and wiggle or will I have to update and jailbrake this apps and feature?

    • If you have an older iPod, you will still. Of have the wiggle/iPhone apps unless you spend he $20 on the AppPack. It you don’t want to pay the fee, you will have to still jailbreak 2.0.

      Also, you won’t have the AppStore or any of the new 2.0 features unless you pay for that as well (or a hack cones out).

    • I don’t think you understod Will, Skylar, I think he was asking if the june update will bring wiggle and iphone apps to an ipod touch that doesn’t have them.. I would answer if I new but i am in his same position i have a 1.1.4 with jailbroken wiggle and iphone fetures. Someone please answer..

    • No, I’m pretty sure the wiggle/iPhone apps (the Jan. App Pack) won’t be included in the 2.0 upgrade. You will still have to pay for those features separately.

      Although don’t quote me on that, as I don’t actually “know.”

  12. For the record, I will not be porting my apps to 2.0. There are reasons…

  13. Will all of the MooCow Music applications be available in the AppStore?

  14. Griffin Moax says

    Any News about iAwake2 ?

    I love the Author’s moto !!!

    Programming is waste, trust only copy/paste !!