Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Google EarthGoogle Earth is now available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application works great, even on EDGE. Zooming and panning works like the Google Maps app but with Google Earth you can even tilt to adjust angle. In the top left corner there is a search icon which allows you to search near you or anywhere else in the world. The top right has a compass that shows the direction; tapping it returns you to North being at the top. In the bottom left there is a button for your current location. The button in the bottom right gets you into the settings where you can turn on and off options for Wikipedia, Panoramio, borders, autotilt and others.
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AirHockey 1.010 & Earth3D 2.117

Earth3D AirHockey I do not see any visual changes in the updates to either AirHockey or Earth3D. I’m assuming there must have been some behind the scene fixes. Let me know if you notice anything. Both are available through the iSpazio source.

AirHockey 1.010 Earth3D 2.117

iPhone Earth

This is a video demo of iPhone Earth by It is being developed on SDK. From more info, check out THIS article.

Watch “iPhone Earth” on your iPhone or iPod Touch.