AirHockey 1.010 & Earth3D 2.117

Earth3D AirHockey I do not see any visual changes in the updates to either AirHockey or Earth3D. I’m assuming there must have been some behind the scene fixes. Let me know if you notice anything. Both are available through the iSpazio source.

AirHockey 1.010 Earth3D 2.117

Earth3D 2.115

Earth3D Honestly guys, I’m not really sure what the update to version 2.115 of Earth3D does to the app. Maybe makes it run smoother? If anyone notices anything, let me know in the comments. Maybe it fixes the issues a lot of you were having with the app opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard. Also, thanks for all the info in the comments about this app. In the last post I did about Earth3D, Myk pointed out that [Read more…]

Earth3D 2.112

earth3d I do not notice any visual changes with version 2.112 of Earth3D. Though they did update some coding stuff so, those of you who couldn’t get it to work before…hopefully you can now!! Let us know in the comments. It does seem like the app moves a little more smoothly as well! Earth3D is available through the iSpazio source.

Earth3D 2.112

Earth3D 2.110

Earth3D When you open Earth3D you will get a 3rd person view of the Earth as it spins. As it spins you will also see the moon and sun in their respective positions. I can’t tell if the position of the moon and sun change based on the time or not. It would be really sweet if they did. If you just sit and watch this app, it moves very smoothly. However, if you try to drag your finger on the screen it gets glitchy. Earth3D is available through the iSpazio source. Keep reading for screenshots!
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