Earth3D 2.115

Earth3D Honestly guys, I’m not really sure what the update to version 2.115 of Earth3D does to the app. Maybe makes it run smoother? If anyone notices anything, let me know in the comments. Maybe it fixes the issues a lot of you were having with the app opening and then closing back to the SpringBoard. Also, thanks for all the info in the comments about this app. In the last post I did about Earth3D, Myk pointed out that if you tap the app (once it is open) with three fingers…it will center the Earth and make it rotate in slow motion. Tap with three fingers again to switch it back again. Alpy also commented that when the Earth is in slow motions you can zoom in and out but, I couldn’t get it to work. Earth3D is available through the iSpazio source.

Earth3D 2.115

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  1. makesmoves says

    this version does not open; just crashes to my springboard(1.1.2) all other versions work. For an update; to me this is going backwards. I checked permissions obviously and am wondering whats going on? Anyone have a .zip of the older version? Preferably 2 versions back(to me the sunlight effect is better on that one)

    • I have the same issue. Uninstall and reinstall did not work … The older version worked fine … Why did I update?