AirHockey 1.010 & Earth3D 2.117

Earth3D AirHockey I do not see any visual changes in the updates to either AirHockey or Earth3D. I’m assuming there must have been some behind the scene fixes. Let me know if you notice anything. Both are available through the iSpazio source.

AirHockey 1.010 Earth3D 2.117

AirHockey 1.006

AirHockey I was excited to see version 1.006 of AirHockey in the Installer. Because, ever since I upgraded to 1.1.4, I was not able to install this app. However, version 1.006 makes the app compatible with all versions of firmware. I was able to install it and play it. There are no changes to the way the app plays…just compatibility stuff. This should also fix [Read more…]

AirHockey 1.004

AirHockey I also did not notice any visual change with version 1.004 of AirHockey. Though, I will say that the app seems a lot smoother now. I don’t get nearly as much glitching as I did in the pervious version. I really like this app…I am all about 2 player games! AirHockey is available through the iSpazio source.

AirHockey 1.004

AirHockey 1.003

AirHockeyAirHockey is a air hockey game, hence it’s name. AirHockey was created by Nicoteam. When you open the application you have the choice to play by yourself or play two players. Basically you use your paddle to knock the puck into the opposing side’s goal. The first person to 11 wins!! The only problem is that the puck randomly glitches and it is able to pass through your paddle or it just ends up somewhere else. You can get AirHockey from the iSpazio source. Check out the screen shots below :-)
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