AirHockey 1.006

AirHockey I was excited to see version 1.006 of AirHockey in the Installer. Because, ever since I upgraded to 1.1.4, I was not able to install this app. However, version 1.006 makes the app compatible with all versions of firmware. I was able to install it and play it. There are no changes to the way the app plays…just compatibility stuff. This should also fix it for those of you who could install the app but when you opened it…it would just close again! AirHockey is available through the iSpazio source.

AirHockey 1.006 AirHockey 1.006

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  1. Thanx for posting this, Brooke! I was really missing this app! Hooray, hooray, it downloaded fine!
    Mystique :)

  2. DaN Himself says

    Does still have those known issues like the puck getting stuck?

    • It seems to work more smoothly when I played a quick round of the one player version.
      I’m going back to Physio tomorrow so if my little friend is there, we’ll play the 2 person version so I’ll let u know how that works after tomorrow.
      I noticed also, with the one person version, it wasn’t nearly as easy to win as it was with the first version. :)

    • DaN Himself says

      Allright! That’s sounds nice! Thanks a lot Mystique!

  3. I figured out why the app crashed before, it was because I had all the pronunciation sounds for WeDict. I unistalled them and in worked fine.

  4. 1 player is too easy, 2 player is too glitchy. Update Please?!?!

    haha just kidding this game is unreeeeaaaaal

  5. it didnt fix it for me

  6. Can you please start adding the source for the app for now on? Cause it takes awhile to try to find the which source it is for the app. Please please start putting the source of the app in the description of the app. Thank you.