Earth3D 2.112

earth3d I do not notice any visual changes with version 2.112 of Earth3D. Though they did update some coding stuff so, those of you who couldn’t get it to work before…hopefully you can now!! Let us know in the comments. It does seem like the app moves a little more smoothly as well! Earth3D is available through the iSpazio source.

Earth3D 2.112

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  1. did anyone else realize if you tap the screen with two fingers it stops the camera angle from rotating..?

    • DUDE…so did not!! Though, I have to tap mine with three fingers for that to work. Then it like centers it and makes it go in slow motion! Great catch!

    • Once stopped, a two finger swipe will zoom in and out :)

  2. I used to have the problem when ever I opened this app it just crashed so when I updated it, it says loading for about half a second and then it still crashes. Man I wish this problem would just get fixed already.

  3. I use this app but after opens shows it is loading and then it crashes to the Springboard. Any help ?

  4. sushibumi says

    SSH into your iphone with SCP or something similar and fix the rights for the app to 755. That will fix it.

  5. sushibumi says

    Sorry, just realized that not all are equaly easy in this. Here’s a guide: