Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Google EarthGoogle Earth is now available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application works great, even on EDGE. Zooming and panning works like the Google Maps app but with Google Earth you can even tilt to adjust angle. In the top left corner there is a search icon which allows you to search near you or anywhere else in the world. The top right has a compass that shows the direction; tapping it returns you to North being at the top. In the bottom left there is a button for your current location. The button in the bottom right gets you into the settings where you can turn on and off options for Wikipedia, Panoramio, borders, autotilt and others.

The video below from Google shows the app in action although it is a little deceiving because it’s not that fast but again, actually does pretty well on edge. I haven’t tested the GPS while moving but I will soon and will update this post.


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  1. man, i love this phone, not for the phone, but for the computer. if it wasn’t for the app store, cydia and great browser, I would have left the iphone and AT&T. Google earth is just yet another notch. How long has windows mobile been out, how large is their user base, did they get google earth ?

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  2. this app keeps crashing on me. does anyone else has same problem ? i mean, some apps do crash as well, but google earth crashes even more, sometimes even right after i launch it. any solutions ? i’m on fw 2.1 jailbroken/unlocked with quickpwn.

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  3. This looks great! Amazing. Makes you wonder what’s next…

  4. Earthscape has been out a while in the appstore, may not be as clean but otherwise not much diffferent

  5. Hey! My name is Doug too!

  6. aaaa… not available in my country.. =(

  7. Locate-me works great! i have an iphone 2g (without gps) and the dot is always something like 10-20 meters mistaken…

  8. Google earth crashes on my 2.1 Quickpwn jailbroken iPod touch v.1, with Winterboard installed. It crashes everysingle time right ofter launching. I wonder if it is problem with the .ipa / winterboard or winterboard?????

  9. Sorry,I’m a chinese.But how to download the Google Earth?