TapTheBeat 0.10

TapTheBeat TapTheBeat is a simple little app that allows you to tap out a beat on a touch pad and it then gives you the tempo in beats per minute (BPM). Once the app is open…you can tap on the little touch pad at the bottom of the page. As you tap, the tempo will change to show you the BMP you are tapping. It also gives you four other numbers but, I have no idea what they are! :) You can also use the arrows on the side to change the tempo up or down. To get more info about the app…just tap the little square in the upper right corner of the app. To get back to the Main screen from the more info screen, tap the screen (twice). Honestly…I don’t know what you would use this for but, maybe some of you music people can get use out of it. Let me know in the comments what you think. TapTheBeat is available through the ModMyiFone.com source.

TapTheBeat 0.10 TapTheBeat 0.10 TapTheBeat 0.10 TapTheBeat 0.10 TapTheBeat 0.10 TapTheBeat 0.10

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  1. quintenzirkel says

    This is a wonderfull app to proof your own rhythmical disziplin. You play any Concert on a Tape, and you hear it with tapping the app, and then you can control, if you get the right tempo. But it will be much better, if you can also hear a click, without tapping, so you could use it as a metronom.
    Please, if there will be an update with this feature, it will be great for me.

    Greetings quintenzirkel (professional musician in Germany, sorry for the bad english)

  2. quintenzirkel says


    i tryd metronome.app, but it works not exactly enough for me.

    But thx for this tip.