imFlow 0.8

imFlow imFlow is a Cover Flow way to view the photos on your iPhone. It pulls the images from your Camera Roll and displays them Cover Flow style. If you do not have any images in your Camera Roll it will bring up the images in your last Photo Album. However, every time I open this app is just crashes and goes back to the SpringBoard. I am running it on 1.1.1 and I changed all the permissions to 755. Let me know in the comments if it works for you! It would be pretty cool if it did work! imFlow is available through the Ste Packaging source. Below are a few screenshots:

imFlow 0.8 imFlow 0.8

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  1. im on 1.1.3 Ziphone and it woreks… :)

  2. i have 1.1.14 and it crash wont work 4 me

  3. jonnythefox says

    on 1.1.3 ziphone
    keeps crashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Running 1.1.4 Ziphone 2.4 Jailbroken …. imflow 0.8 works flawlessly!
    Just installed it with installer … no fixes, nothing!

  5. I´m on 1.1.3 with ziphone at it work all fine :-)

  6. on 1.1.4 working fine here!!

  7. jbrown425 says

    1.1.4 here, and it works without a problem for me. I used Ziphone 2.5c

  8. 1.1.2, keeps returning to springboard !!!

  9. I’m on 1.1.3 and for some strange reason I used ziphone.
    (Support iPlus…! Not ziphone)
    It works perfectly.

  10. work’s for me,,,1.1.4..iLiberty+

  11. …have about 600 photos stored and imFlow twitches (doesn’t “flow”) :o(

    • edit: could anyone help me? or could anyone post info about another similar app??