MyERadio 0.10

MyERadio MyERadio is a streaming music app that pulls music from and steams it via WiFi on your iPhone. The app opens to an intro page in which you can get more info about it…from here you can also start the player and quit the player. To start the player…just tap Radio Player in the lower left corner. This is automatically brings up a song. The name of the artist, the song and the album are at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page you can choose to see the Artists Bio, go back to the intro screen and go to the song that is now playing. If you would like to go to the next song…you can tap the arrow in the lower right corner. One nice feature is that you can close the app and it will still play. However, this app did not work for me on Edge and if the Bios are too long and go off the screen…it doesn’t scroll down so you can read the rest of the bio. But, this is the first release of this app…I’m sure we will see future updates that fix these bugs. MyERadio is available through the source. Below are the screenshots.

MyERadio 0.10 MyERadio 0.10 MyERadio 0.10 MyERadio 0.10 MyERadio 0.10

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  1. i like this app.. simple yet functional and i can never get enough electronica…

  2. Hi, sorry to use this thread but i thought maybe The Apple iPhone School could teach how to remove Cydia as it cant be done using installer..

    Thanks, fuser

  3. Josheesh says

    what type of music does it play?

  4. Nice!!!! I like it