Guitarist 1.0

GuitaristGuitarist v1.0 is a guitar emulator developed by MooTheCow. MooTheCow is the same person who made Pianist and Drummer. The application is simple, it is a guitar split into twelve different portions. You can choose which part of the guitar you want to play on by simply tapping either of the arrows. In order to strum a string you just tap the string. The settings allow you to change the “Guitar Tuning”, “Handed”, and “Display Nut”. “Guitar Tuning” changes the sound of the guitar, “Handed” allow you to choose between a left and right handed guitar, and “Display Nut” allow you to remove nuts from the guitar (aesthetic choice). There is also a help button which is very detailed. People who have never touched a guitar will understand how to use this application. Lastly, the sound quality is amazing, it sounds like real guitar. You can get Guitarist from the Modmyifone source. Also check out the developer’s site. This is a great application, well made, and just plain fun. A full list of features, screen shots, and a demonstration video are shown below.

    *Unique “hammer-on” metaphor simplifies solo playing by removing the need to independently fret and pick a string.
    *A complete guitar fretboard (including open strings) to the 15th fret.
    *Multi-touch. Up to 5 strings can be played at once.
    *Each note is a separately recorded sample, for maximum quality.
    *Animated strings press down at your touch for visual feedback.
    *Acoustic guitar patch included, with more options available in a later release.
    *On-screen keyboard navigation allows you to easily move up and down the fretboard.
    *Left handed stringing option.
    *Various guitar tunings available with more to follow.

Demonstration Video

Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0 Guitarist 1.0

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  1. awsome graphics !!!!!

  2. great cover of stairway to heaven !

  3. yeah! i love this app.
    lets rock

  4. Can’t seem to get sound out of it–am I missing a component? I have another app called, “Guitar” that works fine….