Welcome Back Doug!

YAY!! Doug is officially back from Brazil (since around 8:30am this morning)!! We have spent the day getting him unpacked, making a trip to the Apple store (he will tell you all about that…lets just say it has to do with a broken iPhone and a brand new iPhone!), setting up a new 52″ LCD flat screen TV (not ours) and hitting up a surprise Birthday Party! I know, a busy day for his first day back in the country! You will see a few posts from him soon!

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  1. Welcome Back Doug!

  2. cassandra says

    welcome back doug!

    i want to hear the new iphone story.

    have fun tonight.


  3. Does this mean a new iPhone 101.

  4. Welcome back doug!! hahaha we need to hear that story about the iphone!! =]

  5. Hi… Welcome back…. How was ur trip?

  6. welcome back we miss you


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    Welcome Back Doug! | Apple iPhone School