My New iPhone

When I was in Brazil I woke up one morning and couldn’t “slide to unlock”. I could however hold the power button down and “slide to power off”. I did power off and power back on and found the iPhone would not respond to touch on the bottom 1/4th of the screen. The Phone, Mail, Installer, Safari & iPod icons I had in my dock would not work so I was using XLaunch to run them. I couldn’t really use the keyboard or hit the answer button when someone would call. I even went into a bad area of Brazil and didn’t bring my nice camera so it wouldn’t get stolen and I could just use my iPhone if I really needed too but I realized I couldn’t hit the capture button. :( I did figure out that if I hit it just at the right spot sometime I could get the “slide to unlock” to work. I had to wait until I was back in the states to go to an Apple Store and get a new one. I called and got an appointment and they swapped it our right away. They only asked if it had recently had any condensation. I said no. I did restore my iPhone first of course. I was also glad none of the staff recognized me. I’m surprised they don’t have me on a most wanted list. :) I’m pretty sure my new iPhone is brand new because the date is week 9 of 2008. I asked the guy if it was new or refurbished and he said he didn’t know. It is still an 8GB. It came with 1.1.3 and I upgraded to 1.1.4 and jailbroke using ZiPhone. You can track all the things happening with my new iPhone here.

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  1. You know what Doug you are very lucky they exchanged your phone because I had the same problem last week. I like you did a full restore before I returned the phone to apple. I had also ran Ziphone 2.5c and was on 1.1.4 unlocked as well and I am a legit AT&T customer. I took the phone to the apple store genius bar in Brea Ca. the guy messed with the phone a bit and then plugged it into some module looking thing and when he turned around he said I cant help you this phone has been unlocked and he had put a t-mobile sim in the phone and the thing got a signal even after i had fully restored and also did the refurbish with Ziphone. I guess it depends on the so called genius that helps you. So I broke down and bought a 16GB and it is safe to say I will only be jailbreaking this one :)

    • That is DUMB! If I were you I would try a different Apple Store or try to go in when someone else is working. You can also sell it on Ebay for a decent price even though it is broke.

    • yes doug is right, try going to a diffferent store or going at a different time…same thing happened to my friend and he went to a different store and got the exchange without a problem =]

    • Alright well looks like its a hardware issue that you guys are having and since its a hardware issue, software had nothing to do with it, and if that is the case, then you should have brought up the fact that the Magnuson-moss warranty act of 1975 covered the fact that apple can not deny you of warranty because you unlocked it, they have to prove that by unlocking it, you screwed up the hardware and clearly thats not the case. But just something people should know for future references!

  2. how much is an 16GB/32GB now in the us???

    • $399 & $499.

    • hey i know what your problem was.
      Okay so put one hand on the top half of your screen, with some pressure, but leave room so you can see the “slide to unlock” thing.

      now,with your hand on the top half of your screen, try to slide to unlock….it doesnt work, so you must of done something where you pushed to hard on the top half of the screen, but it goes away after a while

    • could you please tell me how you restore your Iphone without using your screen.

  3. I had this same problem after only a month! This was last august. It was funny, they gave me a temp iPhone, sent mine in to be fixed, but then ended up mailing me a brand new one after all. They were pretty cool about it. Didn’t charge me rental for the temp or anything. This was when it was really humid outside so I thought that could have had something to do with it, being in my pocket all day… Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to more people this summer!

  4. Your page needs a WEB CLIP for the iphone, please do it, i want u in my favorites.

  5. I had a problem somehow like that. I dropped my iphone and now the screen is not responding to all of my touches,although it is showing everything and all the buttons are working. I tried restoring,using ibrick and everything else I could. I live in Greece so I can’t visit an apple store. I decided to buy a new one, I have no other choice. I think it is a screen-digitizer problem and needs to be replaced but I think it will cost much more and will take too lobg, so I decided to buy a new one.

  6. Denis from Russia says
  7. Please put the page back so that we can track what you install on your iphone. I actually liked that and it was very informational. Thanks!

  8. Dude!! You just deleted the most interested page of this website?!! why?

    • Do you mean the page about what Doug installs on his iPhone? There is a link on the right called Doug’s iPhone…we moved it to there.

  9. Happy birthday Brooke :) yes, the page where Doug writes step by step which apps he has installed on his iphone…. In the article there’s a link to this page:

    but here it says: coming soon…