NetChess 99

netchess Don’t be afraid of yet another Chess game, this one is worth it. I love it because when you tap on a chess piece it highlights the board in green where you can move. I’m sure that totally defeats the purpose but it helps when you don’t know how to play that well :) The best part of the whole app is that you can play other players online. You can either play a quick match against someone random or you can pick a specific player from the list. NetChess can be downloaded from the Gogosoft Source.

NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess NetChess

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  1. What’s the number, next to the name?

  2. Cool. A good alternative to Cassica Chess. Just installed this and uninstalled Cassica.
    Thanks Brooke.

  3. I’ve noticed that my sound is muffled after using this app :( I have to reboot my iPhone to fix it.

    • For a temporary workaround to the muffled audio, run any official app that uses audio (ie play a song through the iPod) to restore audio to normal.

      Working on a fix as we speak.

  4. They stole our graphics. This is so bad. Freaking cheaters. I will file a complaint next week. Sing ’em hosanna.

    FYI. We got certified by Apple as of Wednesday. Cheers.

  5. Hello,
    I have been looking for this game v.99.
    I downloaded NET CHESS from gogosoft source but its a newer version 1.40, and it appears to say that it can no longer be offered.

    I have checked the folder of the app (via winSCP) and it appears all the files appear to be there, but it opens to a splash screen and then takes you to a Safari web page.

    I am not sure if there is a way to bypass the splash screen and play the game or not but know that v 99 worked.
    Any ideas?


    • I’m sorry, since signing on as a registered developer, we can’t distribute the NetChess Tech Demo any more. (Apple doesn’t allow it) Even if you were to find an older version, the server won’t allow you online.

      On the plus side, the final version is looking great and we can’t wait to get it up on Apple’s App Store.

      Again, sorry we can’t let anyone use the tech demo any more. We certainly enjoyed playing against everyone and appreciated all the great feedback.


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