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Hi guys!! We just added another new feature to…ok, it isn’t really new, we have had a poll in the past but, now we have a cool one! And I did it all by myself…well, not really, Doug pretty much stood over my shoulder the entire time telling me what to do! This first poll is kind of a trial run…there are a few options that we can change based on how this poll goes! The polls will be located on the right column or you can vote below! You can also see all the polls by going HERE. Let us know what you think of the new poll!

What firmware are you on?

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  1. how in the world do you vote!!!

  2. How can you vote. All I see is the six votes and no place to cast my vote. I have never voted here before so I know it’s not a cookie or IP problem. Just wanted to cast my vote but can’t.

  3. Ok…Doug says it should work now.

  4. I really don’t see any reason to upgrade to 1.1.4 from my 1.1.3 iPhone.

  5. How can you upgrade to 1.1.4 on a 16gb Touch?

  6. Yea, I’m 1.1.3 because I’ve got 5 pages of apps and I don’t feel like updating and then reinstalling all of them.

  7. Hey Brooke, how do I go about upgrading from 1.1.2?

  8. I like the new polls good job.

  9. The new POLLS are great. I didn’t think you would get that many responses so quickly and I didn’t think there were that many people on 1.1.4. I’m behind the times on 1.1.3 and just like the previous post by Chip….I have too many apps to re-install….yet again.