Restart 1.0 – Installer Style

Well, Doug is totally stoked to have his first app in the Installer (though it is just a facelift to the KillBoard app by Skylar…who we love!!) If you install Restart from the Installer, you will get the OSX version of the app. If you want the XP version Doug created…you will have to add it manually from this post. Restart is available through the iSpazio source. Below are the screenshots.

Note: Restart is an app that restarts your SpringBoard. Great for people who do a lot of tweaking on their iPhone.

Restart 1.0 Restart Restart - OS X Version

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  1. i dont get what it does. sorry.

    • it restarts your springboard, same thing as respring, or if you were to go into summerboard and press restart springboard button…

  2. this app is awsome i love it :)
    i cant wait til episode 6 of iphone 101
    u guys rock

  3. Very useful application especially if you are the type who makes changes to your iPhone/iPod every second :).

  4. Good for you doug,

    if you keep on facelifting apps or making them you should create your own source or repo.

  5. Where’d you get the reflective dock?

  6. Also, if you guys ever want to put anything up on a Community Source, just shoot me an email.

  7. This i call a useful, time-saving app.

  8. Great man. Finally on the Installer!

  9. so it functions the same as respring but looks prettier? lol. yours is like 81 KB and respring is like 17 KB.. or something like that. restart seems to take a bit longer than respring. are there any benefits to using one rather than the other?

  10. nice software