iPhone 101 – Episode 6

Looks like it’s finally going to work. If I had a Mac I could have had this out a lot faster :)

This file size is a bit smaller. It will take a couple hours for the .m4v version to show up in iTunes. Let us know if you have better results.

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  1. hey guys, i really enjoyed this iphone 101. sorry to hear about your iphone doug, i would be so sad if it happened to me. by the way i say gigabyte like that too, lol

  2. if i knew how to use photoshop im sure i would win that contest, i have some great ideas for you guys

  3. write the contest thingies :D

  4. I’m getting an err=404 error when I try to download this episode on iTunes – just thought you’d want to know.

  5. hey the size of this episode is too big ( 418 mb ) can you make it smaller

  6. lady_justine says

    COULD NOT EVEN play this …file sze WAY TOO BIG 418 MB …. TOO long to download !!

    YA Brooks a qutieI love her ….KISS KISS KISS

  7. likwidfuzion says

    Is it me or does Doug look like he loss a quite a bit of weight compared to the image in the “iPhone 101 Video Podcast” on the right? If so, looking sharp!

  8. on iTunes it was about 800 MB i think…

    it cant be copied to my iPod touch… noes

  9. Hey,

    Just to put in a plug, I converted to mac about a year ago. I totally love it. You should totally make the switch, you’ll never regret it. And, Mac’s can also run windows. But yeah, you totally should. Then also, you can write in your posts about “how to unlock for mac…”

    You guys rock. I love this site, even though I put my iPhone back in jail around 1.1.3

  10. Yeah guys this episode is a little long and has a lot of video clips in it…it rendered huge!! We are going to take a look at how we do iPhone101 so we have an easier time rendering, uploading and converting the files! They are SUPER huge right now!!!

  11. Hey guys i figured i would explain the 1.2 firmware name deal…

    When Apple releases the new firmware in June they’re going to call it 2.0.

    BUT, they’re current beta version that’s being released to developers 1.2.

  12. dude lol wen u guys said “if ur child is a lil 13 year old hacker……” lol im 13 and yea i have a iphone(had to pay for it all my self) but yea my phone has like 60 apps and crap but my parents trust enought not to let me on youtube and stuff but yea thats kinda funny. Im only 13 and i have made about $300 just like having people come over and i unlock their iphone for them($40& i do itouchs) but yea kinda cool. check y youtube its iphoneapps (just by my voice u can tell m 13) hey if anyone out their on this website that lives in the kc area,call me and ill unlock ur iphone 816-682-1693

    peace and yea srry about ur iphone doug that sucks, but episode was cool , lots of stuff i didnt no. but u guys (doug&brooke) should check out http://iclarified.com it keeps u up to date on alot of apple stuff but so do u guys so yea


  13. Weird… I downloaded via iTunes, and it says “This files can’t be played on your iPhone”…

    • @Yogev I can’t play it on my iPhone either. Plays fine in iTunes, but won’t sync to the phone. I noticed iTunes downloaded a second copy of it last night, but that won’t sync either.

    • Weird…
      I watched it on my iTunes eventually… too bad….

  14. I’m new here and the site and podcast look great.
    Re: Yogev
    May I suggest direct-downloading the video from the site? Although it took me 2 hours (800 megabytes). Then you would either have to convert it or just drag and drog. I dunno if iTunes works with .mov extensions.

  15. @michael: i dont think you should charge for unlocking iphones, i mean, ziphone is free, and zibri dopsnt really like people selling ziphone or charging pèople to use it, so i suggest you let people know that unlocking their iphones can be done free of charge, and if they still want to pay, then do it for them, but at least give them the choice.

    • TheDiggin says

      right on [im 14 i do the same, but i tell people that they could do it them selvs but most of them dont care]

  16. great show

    on itunes it is 418mb, shouldn’t take long to download as long as your have DSL or higher.

  17. the vid kinda stucks when trying ti view it streamed in the website… strange, cause i have seen 3 different Apple keynotes and had had no problem…

  18. @sahil: its not 418mb, its 830mb on itunes, im 100%sure, took me an hour and a half to download it

  19. please upload them to youtube so it buffers quicker

    • It’s WAY to large of a file for YouTube…or we would totally put it on there! I think they only allow ten minute videos and around 100mb.

  20. Another great episode in the vault lol…..doug just wondering, do you have the rubber incase cover for your iphone?? i recently purchase the seidio innocase….i think its really awesome and outshines most cases out now….it looks even more amazing in person and i always get compliments =]
    You guys also talked about accessories, there is actually one that im currently thinking of purchasing but not sure yet…looks pretty good if it lives up to what the website claims its capable of doing….and comes in handy whenever your out without a charger…..check out the page, maybe you guys already talked about it..not sure…anyways this is the link http://www.powerstick.com
    Let me know what you guys think =] maybe they will give you one to try out and test to review lol

  21. TheDiggin says

    @ Doug: nice 101, where did you get your mail icon? its not in the custom icons???

  22. Just another accessory i thought would come in handy for some people….especially the ones that live in cold places or have stubby fingers and/or long finger nails for the ladies =]


  23. Doug, is the screenshot app you use available through installer?

  24. Luistohe123 says

    Im trying to find the wikipedia web app that you guys tlaked about in the podcast, but no luck…can you give me the link or something?

  25. I still would prefer a traditional archive in mp4, for download and to be seen by iPhone.

    This type of material, for me, is pure diversion, then, I taste to see accomodated well, with earphone and in any place!

    Regards and congratulations for the excellent video, again!

  26. Hey Doug can you give me the name of the theme you are using in your iphone. I really like those icons. Please respond to me.

  27. looking forward to episode 7…

  28. love your episodes! as always

  29. Uncle Sam says

    Hello, I liked really the competition and the prizes. But I need to ask one question : what “101” stands for ? ?

    • It is used in like the title of class….like Math101, History101. They are usually introductory classes that do a broad overview of the subject.

  30. hey you guys like if you need the 2.0 beta firmware( i no u probably all ready have it but yea) but if u do need it i can give you a link to check it out its pretty cool or if any one else wants it

  31. hey doug, did you have the AppleCare thingy? Or did you just walk into the Apple store and say “my iphone’s malfunctioned, i need a new one?”

  32. hey guys,

    any idea’s when the next pod cast is out??