1.1.4 Jailbreak Experience for Ipod Touch + WORKING DIRECTIONS

I decided to upgrade my 8gb Ipod Touch to 1.1.4 from 1.1.1. I had to restore in 1.1.1, so I thought I would just go to 1.1.4. I decided to use the ZiPhone method since it is supposedly the easiest. I opened up ZiPhone and hit “Ipod Touch Jailbreak”. It seemed like everything was going fine since there was a lot of code on my iPod, but I was mistaken :(. The code would stop, the only thing on the screen would be “Spamming AT, waiting for a response” . I thought I did something wrong so I did force restore, and tried it two more times, same thing. In ZiPhone there is a fix for that error, you just have to click a button. So I clicked “Fix NVRAM” in ZiPhone, then once that was finished I started the jailbreak again. This time everything went smoothly, and I was so excited! I went to installer and attempted to type in a source, and then FREEZE!. I re-jailbreaked my iPod after restore, and once again it froze while I was typing a source. I used google and found a fix. Once you jailbreak your iPod you have to go to contacts and just randomly type, and everything should be fine. Overall it was quick and easy, but I had a bunch of problems. I posted direction below, so you guys won’t have any problems :).

Jailbreak iPod Touch 1.1.4—WITH NO PROBLEMS (I am using Windows XP, mac should be the same)

1. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer, and launch iTunes.
2. Click on “Restore–>Don’t Back Up–>Restore with Updates( if not on 1.1.4 already) or Restore”
3. Name your iPod whatever you want–> Don’t sync anything right now
4. Then on the main iPod page make sure “Open iTunes when iPod is connected” is NOT SELECTED (it just gets annoying because iTunes pops up during the jailbreak)
5. Close iTunes
6. Download ZiPhone Windows or Mac from http://www.downloadziphone.org/
7. Install/Extract it to where ever you want
8. Go to the place were you installed it and click on ZiPhoneGUI.exe
9. Once it opens click on “Advanced Features–>Fix NVRAM”
10. It will do some things, just don’t touch anything until ZiPhone shows you a green check
11. Then in ZiPhone click on “change phone mode” and change it to “DFU Mode”
12. Then click on “Jailbreak Ipod Touch”
13. Your iPod will be invaded with code, just leave it alone until it is finished.
14. You should see an icon for “ZiPhone Blog” and “Installer” on your springboard.
16. Go to “contacts” on your iPod touch, and hit add contact.
17. Randomly type for about 20 seconds, and then hit “save”. Close out of “Contacts”
18. Go to installer let it update/refresh. You should be able to add sources without the freeze

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  1. Just went through this from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 last week-end, and everything went smooth as silk, no need for any workarounds or anything, no freeze, just much better than before! Thanks ZiPhone ;-)

    • Yeah this totally beats the other methods. Install 300mb, then remove, it may work, blah blah blah.

      go ziphone!!

  2. iPod Touch User says

    Thanks a lot for these instructions! :)
    But can you explain what Step 11 does?

    • You welcome :)
      Step 11-DFU mode puts your iPod into restore mode. Makes the process more tight, a greater chance of less mistakes.

      Post your results

  3. I’m still really scared to go to 1.1.4, I can’t live without my customize/categories/summerboard. My Ipod was origionally a 1.1.1, and I’m really afraid to go up a version =\

    • Everything works, but customize can not change the number of docks. If you are at 1.1.1 i recommend you stay there. I like 1.1.1 becuase there are really no problems. I was bored so i moved up :).

  4. What source do I need to add to get the iPhone apps?

    • Yea i am doing the same, just getting bored with nothing to hack, thought i may as well learn to do 1.1.4 so i am doing it. I was happy on 1.1.1, VERY happy, but meh.

  5. I was planning to upgrade my iPhone from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4, thanks for the help. Might help if same problem occurs during upgrade. Anyways, what version of ZiPhone did you use? 2.5 or 2.6 beta?

  6. after doing the jailbreak, i tried to install the application, but it said package download failed. what should i do?

    • What were you trying to install?

      Restart your iPod and then in Installer hit install on what you want to install, then hit “clear all que” then try again. If that does not work, sometimes the repo are down.

  7. Guys, this is an ok method for a touch because the touch doesnt have a baseband that Zibri can mess up. Trust me, you don’t want to risk your phone on Ziphone. If you don’t believe me, google the term “ziphoned” (yes, it has borked enough phones that there is now a special term for it).

    I recommend you use iPlus for any iPhone. You can stick with Zibri’s tool for a touch without any risk as it cannot cause you any permanent damage unlike on a phone. On a touch, worst case you just restore again. On an iPhone, your baseband can be permanently damaged by Ziphone. Here is my tutorial for a 1.1.4 jailbreak and/or unlock using iPlus. http://sleepers.net/blog/?page_id=28

    I also did a write-up discussing the differences between the current jailbreaks out there here: http://sleepers.net/blog/?p=27.

    I hope some of you folks will take the time to read this before damaging your phones. Best of luck.


    • Yeah I agree, I have read a lot of peoples’ iPhones becoming defective. If you have an iPhone follow the links BigBoss posted. Also great to have you here :)

  8. I know this is probably very irrelevant but i am a very picky person. Will you be able to delete the “random contact”?

    At the moment i hav a Jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod with some serious issues (package download failed, blank springboard etc. :P) and so im planning on restoring and upgrading my iPod tomorrow to 1.1.4.

    Hope this works!

    • Yes you can delete it once you are done. Also for the PACKAGE ERROR, clear your que in installer. Sometimes it is the repo that is broken.

  9. I upgraded my iPod from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 and did the jailbreak with ZiPhone, and I didn’t have any problem, But after having installed several applications, Installer returns me to the springboard, and so I can’t install other apps, and moreover I can’t copy/paste any file with WinSCP…
    I would re-try later ; thanks for the detailed explanations !

    PS : sorry for the errors, I’m french :)

  10. Hey guys i thought this would be easy but something is going wrong. I downloaded the ZiPhone package from http://www.downloadziphone.org/ for Windows. I unzipped the package into My Documents and clicked on ZiPhone GUI but then i get an error:

    Translated from Dutch: The application can not be initialized properly (0xc0000135) Click on OK to end the application.

    Ive tried to download it again, but nothing works. Maybe put iPod in Boot Mode?

    Thanks in advance

  11. By the way, I have a 1.1.4 8GB iPod Touch (recently restored)

  12. Sorry i think my last post got deleted… Well lets hope this one gets posted.
    So i restored my iPod to 1.1.4 and everything was back to original. I then went to the website provided in the guide and downloaded the ZiPhone package (for Windows). I unzipped the file into My Documents and clicked on the ZiPhone GUI (I was excited at this point). But… As soon as i clicked on the GUI I received an error saying –
    (Translated from Dutch) – This application can not be initialized properly (0000xc125) –

    I have tried several times and no sucess.

    Thanks in advance.

  13. Oh wait.. Stupid, stupid, stupid me! Maybe if i would have read the notice:

    If you get an error immediately after, download Microsoft .NET Framework

    It might have worked. Lets see..

  14. I downloaded the ziphone, and I jailbroke it. It seemed to work fine, but everytime I try to type on the keypad outside of the installer it freezes, and I have to restart it.

    • Once you jailbreak do not go to installer. Go to contacts and add a contact, randomly type in contacts for 20 seconds. Just follow the directions.

  15. hey if i mess something up during jailbreaking or i do it and i want to take it off can i just restore my touch?

  16. I restored my ipod in 1.1.4 tonight, then I did the jailbreak with ZiPhone, and that works perfectly ;-) , there isn’t any problem with Installer or other apps, but there is still a problem with winSCP (to copy/paste some files) …

  17. Hey I have a 1.1.1 Iphone Jailbroken. I wanna Have 1.1.4 jailbroken with ZiPhone.
    1. What version of itunes do i need? does it matter?
    2. Do I have to restore My iphone to 1.1.1 non jailbroken? and then go upgrade to 1.1.4? and THEN use the Ziphone??

  18. i’m a total non techno person and was feeling daunted by the task of jailbreaking. but this worked so well and was so easy!! thanks. have downloaded a couple of apps. but also would like ‘five dice’ but download doesn’t work. just says ‘error – package download failed’ can you advise? thanks so much…

  19. Hey! So… I have a 16GB iPod Touch – the jailbreak went pretty well. I did run into one error saying that there was ‘no such file or directory’. I restarted my Touch and the process started on its own to a good success.

    However, is there a way to remove the ZiPhone Blog button? And also… Is there a Customize yet for 1.1.4?… cuz i’m REALLY looking forward to selectable docks. Thanks!

    • Oh shoot! Also… why are all the iPhone apps installed on my Touch yet they don’t show up on Springboard?

  20. mm, tengo un problema y espero me puedan ayudar, intente desbloquear mi ipod no funciono, ahora tengo un problema muy grave porque en la pantalla del ipod solo veo una misla linea de codigo que se repite:

    no me deja hacerle nada al ipod y no lo detecta ni una mac ni una pc, si alguien sabe que puedo hacer porfavor mandenme un correo a magc1000@hotmail.com

  21. I have IPod Touch 16G 1.1.4 restored and jailbreaked.
    Then I did SSH and something weird I saw… in Application folder I have all apps (Mail, Map, Stock, etc) but they are not on Springboard.

    Any suggestion?

  22. marvelsf says

    I attempted to jail break my ipod touch. Now it wil not work and I can’t get itunes to see it. Can get apple to come up and it start to reload but stops with error message can’t exec /bin/sh for ingle user: no such file or directory. Can anyone please help me out.

  23. maecknyc says

    thanks for all the great details !

    But for real, how long does it approximately take to jbreak & restore?
    kg Dom

  24. I have the 16gb 1.1.4 version and would like to jailbreak it. Can anyone tell me how/where exactly I can find the jailbreak software?!

    Thanks ;)

  25. hey, in advanced features, i don’t see a “Fix NVRAM”

    can anyone help???

  26. Fantastic post! I’m still on a 1.1.2 jailbroken 16GB iPod Touch and I might just go to 1.1.4. ;)

  27. I am following your instructions, but the site that you wrote: http://www.downloadziphone.org/ does not have a download named Ziphone for windows or for mac. when I paste that URL it redirects me to http://theiphoneproject.org/
    can you please help me with this problem?

  28. ummm how do we know what are ipod is at right now?
    like when i do the first part the restore… where you have (at 1.1.4) on mine it just says restore i donno how to change it to that?

  29. Snipes300 says

    My ipod just went into white text all down the screen.I took it into apple ant the showd he how to fix. you hold power and home button untill the light goes out plug in to computer and hold home button for 10sec then restore

  30. Since the new Version of Ziphone there are no problems anymore, just hit jailbreak and that’s it!

  31. thanks a lot for those steps!!
    i download a different ziphone but it doesnt matter i could fix my ipod! =)

  32. hello,
    i have 2 questions,
    1, if i restore my ipod and dont sinchronize it, will all music and videos etc be lost?
    2, can i update to the new coming version 2.0 with a jailbroken ipod?
    I really want to jailbreak my itouch
    please help

  33. xeqshunr says

    Jailbroke fine with 1.1.4. I am trying to install SpringBoard, NOT THE OLD ONE. I am getting an “Error- Package download failed!” message. I have tried clear queue and it is still not letting me download the package. What is the problem! Please help! Thanks in advance!

  34. xeqshunr says

    Okay, i restored my ipod and tried to jail break again. i used the advanced settings, i checked “jailbreak ipod or iphone” and then click advanced break. It stopped and the screen on the ipod just had one solid rectangular block in the top left of the screen. It did nothing. I “killed” the jail break and now i just have an ipod full of messages. the last stating “IOIpodUSBDevice::startIpodStack can’t start! Need configuration”

    is my ipod toast?!?!?!

  35. hey just to let u know the link won’t work u 4got to put a period between download and ziphone otherwise its correct

  36. if i jailbreak my iphone.. will it delete my information and contacts that i have in it???

  37. Okay so I did everything it says..but now itunes says theres an error and it wont reconize my ipod!! How do I get this all off, or at leaste restor my ipod, because its not showing my ipod in itunes >;/