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Ok, so, time for a new poll! The poll we added last Wednesday was What firmware are you on? Here were the results:

1.0 – 13
1.0.1 – 12
1.0.2 – 40
1.1.1 – 208
1.1.2 – 289
1.1.3 – 847
1.1.4 – 2368
Total = 3777

I think I might need to seriously consider upgrading!! :) You can still vote on this poll by going to our Poll Archives. Now, for the new poll.

Will you Jailbreak your iPhone when firmware 2.0 and the App Store are released?

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  1. I hope the jailbreak is easy, like simply running a program. The only thing I would hope for is that the appstore and installer work together flawlessly becuase i plan to download some applications from appstore.

  2. I’m really interested at what possibilities 2.0 will bring us. (: hope it comes quicker.

  3. I won’t upgrade until all (or at least the important) apps I have are definitely compatible. Once I do upgrade, I will jailbreak so I can keep the functions of caterpillar, summerboard, and other customizing applications. We’ll see what happens.

    The only thing that would convince me to give all of that up would be flash support

  4. Yeah…I’m really excited about 2.0 and the App Store!! Though…I will definately still be jailbreaking…there are just some apps that you will not be able to get through the App Store!

  5. need unlock as an option. can’t do anything unless unlocks are available.

  6. cartoon156 says

    I plan on having both once I get my iPhone in June, because as Brooke said, there might not be apps available in the App Store, so if jailbreaking is easy enough for me to do, then Installer and App Store will be on my Home Screen, along with my person Web Apps and Native Apps :D (Wow long sentence.) I can picture some apps in Installer available in the App Store (as free, of course) and I can’t wait to see how it all plans out!

  7. Brooke, if and when u evenutally decide to upgrade to whatever … can you post EXACTLY what you do STEP BY STEP so I can follow the procedure. Or better still video the steps!!! I am still on 1.1.1 (mainly because I dont really know how to upgrade properly !!) but would love to go to 1.1.4 or happy to wait for the new 2.0. I am sure there are lots like me out there who would want the same!!! thanks