iBirthday 2.1.2

iBirthday I’m totally stoked about version 2.1.2 of iBirthday!!! The app finally works!!! I’m sooooo exited! I updated to 2.1.2 thinking that I would maybe see some visual changes (there are none) and not really expecting the app to work again. I went in and changed my birthday to today…then went into the settings in the app and change it to notify me on the day of the birthday and like two minutes later so I had time to respring my iPhone. So, after I set the settings I used Restart to respring my SpringBoard and I waited…thinking I wouldn’t see anything…well, I was taken aback when I got a little Happy Birthday pop-up!! Not only that but after I canceled the pop-up it even did the little message across the top of the SpringBoard!! So, this app is fully functional!! I’m totally excited…I love this app!! iBirthday is available through the ModMyApple.it source. Below are the screenshots.

Note: As mentioned in the past this app works with 1.1.2 and above.

iBirthday 2.1.2 iBirthday 2.1.2 iBirthday 2.1.2

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  1. Hi Brooke,

    I tried installing it in my 1.1.4 iphone from installer, but it said main script execution failed. I wonder if your iphone is unlocked and how did you unlocked it (ziphone or iliberty)?

    • The iPhone I used was not unlocked…just jailbroken with ZiPhone. Try clearing your Queue in the Installer and installing it again.

  2. brooke, is that the age you turned to some days ago??? :)

  3. Happy Birthday ;)

  4. Hey brooke, a question completely off subject. How many apps do you have?!. I see like ten pages. Also , what firmware are you running? (just curiosity)

    • I have 16 pages with 12 apps each….so, that would be like around 192 apps. The reason I can do that is because I am still on 1.1.1.

    • Oh sorry…I just realized I used Doug’s iPhone for these screenshots…he has nine pages because that is the limit on 1.1.4.

  5. This app always worked fine for me…I am on 1.1.4 and have been using this since quite some time now

  6. I get download package failed when i try to download it. I tried clearing queue etc but still cant.. any idea why? hmm

  7. brooke!! ur my age! lol i thought u was a little older =p
    keep those posts coming…im adding this one as well….helps out at times when u accidently forget birthdays lol shhhhh!

  8. Awesome Job!

    This is by far my favourite App now! :)
    And its working well!
    But i got a suggestion,

    I would love to see the opertunity to add Birthdaydates to the Birthdaylist.
    Cause I got a few Birthdays I would like to be remembered without having a Contact ect. to that Birthday.
    I think that would be a very cool feature!

    Thanks a lot for that Addon =)

  9. Alessandro says

    I was trying to install ibirthday 2.1.2, but when it is installing, the window closes and nothing happens!!
    I cant install ibirthday!
    Someone can help me??

  10. Buddy, do you know any other source to obtain this iBirthday app? I’ve installed this ModmyiFone.com , however even updating ….this apps does not seem on my list…!!! Thx

  11. Brooke,

    The services on/off button always goes to off again whenever I close the app. Any thoughts? I’m on 1.1.2

  12. Even though I have the phone on vibrate the tone for the birthdays still goes off. Is this common or no?

  13. Hi Brooke,

    This is a great program! Thanks for highlighting it on your great website. I’d love iBirthday to have a secondary alert option similar to the Calendar program on the iPhone. That way I can alert myself a week or so in advance and then again on the actual birthday.

    If anyone else would like this feature, may I suggest you send the developer an email via your iPhone by going into Installer > Uninstall > iBirthday > Contact Chiafa.

  14. hi, i just installed iBirthday 2.1.2 today, but i found out that i can no longer connect using VPN – Error reads “Internet Connect – PPP must have super user privileges to function correctly” :( please help !!!

    I birthday is a great program and its a must have for iphone users, but with the problem i encountered, I’m force to restore back to 1.1.4 and install everything again without iBirthday. :(

  15. I can`t find it in installer with the repo of the bookmarked source ( …serverasp…). Anybody got a tip for me?

  16. Might sound like a stupid question but…
    How do you add birthdays?

  17. It’s a cool app but there is one thing I am missing: What about events which are not stored within the contact data, i.e. birthday of my kids, wedding day of friends or other special dates. It will be nice, if I could insert these information seperately.


  19. after adding source ModMyApple.it, its still not in install ,somebody help ,thanks

  20. Osi,

    To fix sound (1.1.4)

    settings, general, reset, RESET ALL SETTINGS

    it works all the time.

  21. Isabelle says

    mine was scheduled to remind me at 10am but it reminded me at 1:30am!! After i cancelled, it still continues to remind me of a certain bday.. Anyone having the same problem?

    • I am having the same issue Isabelle is. The reminder goes is set for 10 but the 1st reminder was at 12:03 am. And continues to remind me through out the day every hour or so, no matter what I do. Thoughts?

    • Hi…
      I have my alarm set for 10am also, but it doesn’t go off until many hours later. I don’t know how to fix it.

  22. Not by me says

    can someone help me step by step,l really need this stuff,l´ve installed both sources but l can get on my iphone 1.1.4?

  23. Not by me says

    Hello my mate,l had installed both ModMyApple.it & http://www.serverasp.net/chiafa/MMA/repo.xml on my iphone 1.1.4 but nothing is showing up,so can you or anyone kindly help me out how to install on it because l´ll like it?Bless

    Brooke anydeal???

  24. hello i have just install ibirthday and i can’t use it! can u please help me out with that? please! is there any other requirements?

  25. Good day Brooke, Thanks for a really great website!

    Firstly let me say that ibirthday is a really cool app! I have had no issues running the app on 1.1.3 & 1.1.4 but I seem to have lost a certain feature. Before my phone crashed (after installing icalls on 1.1.3), ibirthday would prompt me to either sms or call the person who’s birthday it was on that day, instead of just the normal blue and white notification (Happy Birthday!! etc) Has anyone else experienced this issue and can assist me to get back my sms or call feature?

    • snakebyter says

      I’ve the same problem iBirthDay works fine but doesn’t show the sms or call buttons any idea because the other versions works with that please help

  26. hey when i install it it gives me a msg MAIN SCRIPT EXECUTION FAILED…. pls help i need this apps baddly

  27. I would love to have this app installed. but here also I get the message “Main script execution failed!”, in the Statusarea there is first the text “Copying iBurthDay.app”, then “Set permission to iBirthDay.app”, then the error is shown. Using Finder.app I can see the Directory iBirthDay.app

    • You have to connect your ipod/iphone via SSH and set the permission to the private/var/root/library/calendar folder as 0777 (in WinSCP it’s 0777). Works on mine!:)

    • I tried to change to find the folder “calendar” but in private/var/root/ there is no folder “library”, only a folder “Library Media” and in this there is no folder “calendar”.
      any other tips, since I still get the same error message while installing the app?

  28. When will this APP be available for Version 2.0? I really liked this APP, but I upgraded my phone. will you be publishing this in the App Store for free as well?
    Please do so, this is an awsome APP.

  29. Will this App be avalable for the 2.0 Firmaware-Version? Do anyone know when?!
    This is one of the nicest APP for the iPhone i know!!!!


  30. I installed iBirthDay v2.1.2 ! It is not coming in English. Some other language which i dont understand. I went to uninstall it but the same is not available there??? any idea anyone….plz help !

  31. Hello everybody!
    I have the iPhone 3G, with FW 2.0.2

    Please, do you know when this APP will be available to this version?? I really want this app!


  32. too bad that im using only cydia. is there any other way to get it besides installer? cause i tried to add it manually via the file system but i dont know how to enter the commands. the program im using to the file system wont give me the option to.

  33. how to install the apps for iPhone? can anyone help please…. Thanks.

  34. Hi Brooke,

    Can you help me please……… Any steps to follow to install this new app for iphone? I know its useful but not sure how to go about to install it. thanks.


  35. Hello.
    I’ve downloaded iBirthdays 2.0v and I’ve purchased activation key, but it still says key is invalid. could anybody help please!


    my iPhone FW is OS 3.1.2

  36. I really liked this application, but i set the alarm to 10am and it going pdf at 12am. Anu ideas? What does the “stand by” does in the settings options?

  37. this app really sucks it is so slow and the mathch thing doesnt even work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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