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YAY! A new poll is here! Our last poll was – Will you Jailbreak your iPhone when firmware 2.0 and the App Store are released? Here were the results after four days:

I will upgrade to 2.0 but WILL NOT Jailbreak (4%, 43 Votes)
I will upgrade to 2.0 and WILL Jailbreak (52%, 567 Votes)
I will not upgrade to 2.0 (1%, 10 Votes)
I’m going to wait and see what happens! (43%, 461 Votes)
Total Voters: 1081

I must say that I am among the 52% that are going to both upgrade and jailbreak! If you would still like to vote on this poll or see the results for all the polls…check out our Poll Archive. Now, for the new poll!

What do you own...iPhone or iPod Touch?

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  1. I’m guessing this poll is for what we currently own?

  2. Wait, what if we don’t have one yet?

  3. polls are fun

  4. Sandro Damasceno says

    Hi everybody that loves this site, like me !!!!
    I´d like to suggest a pool. A pool that shows the people that use this site as reference where they lives. For example, i live in Brazil, and i know that here a lot of others peoples have iPhone too.
    It´s only a suggestion…

    • The list would be too long of countries if we did that, But I did put this little bit of info together for you: (visitor came from these countries since the first day of the site.) (just the first 20)

      1. United States 23.80%
      2. Germany 7.99%
      3. France 5.75%
      4. Italy 4.19%
      5. United Kingdom 3.90%
      6. Canada 3.88%
      7. Brazil 3.77%
      8. Spain 3.76%
      9. Russia 3.00%
      10. Mexico 2.79%
      11. Japan 1.98%
      12. Hong Kong 1.96%
      13. Netherlands 1.92%
      14. Switzerland 1.68%
      15. China 1.55%
      16. Singapore 1.32%
      17. Belgium 1.17%
      18. Australia 1.13%
      19. Thailand 1.10%
      20. Denmark 1.09%

    • Sandro Damasceno says

      LOL Douglas thanks a lot…
      But, how much are the total of the visitors ?