The Logo Contest Begins!

Icon As you all know (because I know you all watched Episode 6 of iPhone 101) we were planning on debuting a Logo Contest. Well, wait no more!! The Logo Contest has begun! We are very excited to be able to give away prizes to the top 5 designs…the main prize being a 8GB iPhone or an 16GB iPod Touch, chosen by the winner (plus a ton of other prizes!!)! For more info, the complete list of prizes and the rules for the contest…click HERE for the Logo Contest Page or click on the Logo Design Contest link in the upper right corner of the site! Good luck and happy designing!

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  1. How many Logos can we submit per person?

  2. what about the people from other countries? Germany ;-)

    • England

    • Everyone is welcome to the contest. No matter what country. :)

    • Ok, after further review… Residents of the province of Quebec in Canada are ineligible to participate. Residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sudan are also ineligible to participate. The Contest is void in these countries and where prohibited or restricted by law. We reserves the right to limit, or restrict upon notice, participation in the Contest to any person at any time for any reason.

  3. i say, the more countries that submit designs the merrier.

    but i do not make the rules.


  4. will definitely upload some logos… :D

  5. Nice Contest!i’ll do my best logos to win an iPod touch or an iPhone!
    i’ll send them ASAP!:D

  6. i got some good ideas for my icon.. :D i want to win


    the logo i made for a web app to open up

    i just upgraded from 1.1.2 to 1.1.4 and everything works good, got it all looking like my 1.1.2

    also made a digg page for the logo design contest, so digg it

    • This webclip is pretty kewl, but it has an iPhone in it and Apple would not allow this. Also, thanks for the Digg. In the future, if you use the Digg This button at the bottom of the page it will show how many Diggs the page has had right on the page, instead of creating a separate one.

  8. Hi!, I visit you every day since november, i really like your site and really want to be part of the contest, I’m from Mexico, can I participate?

  9. grafagoggel says


    I’ll also send some logo’s how long does the contest go?
    I’m from Germany and what to know wether the iphone does work in germany?



  10. Brooke, Doug, I advertised the logo contest on Touch Podium for you both. :)

    Check it out here:

    Hehehe! :)

  11. Alon Spitzer says

    I’ve sent you some logos, was wondering if you got them?

  12. Hi,
    can we use the icons of some poular apps?
    That would be nice.

  13. can the logo contain your guys pictures (aka doug, brooke if so which pic do you recomend.

  14. Hi, I like this contest!
    But.. unfortunatelly(?), i’m using adobe Photoshop, which not really supports vectographical drawing… You said somewhere, that we can submit the logo in a not-vectographical format too, but it has to have a big resolution…. and i was wondering, that how big image do you need? Is the 3000*3000 px, 72 dpi ok?
    that would be pretty good for me(aswell).