Live Scores 1.10

Live Scores The update to version 1.10 of Live Scores does not make any visual changes however, it does make two very important changes. Below are the two fixes according to the developer.

    * Missing US matches issue due to time zone difference has been FIXED
    * Time zone Auto detection has been applied: Now start time for all matches and all events is being displayed based on user’s time zone.

Live Scores is avilable through the ScoresPro source (note this is the developer’s source…you can also get it through the Polleo Limited source).

Live Scores 1.10

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  1. i would recommend adding Italy’s Serie A and Englands Premiere League

  2. Brogollack says

    i Like this app a lot, but i’m having a problem. When I double tap a match to enable notification and add it to my calendar it always crash!!! Any help?

  3. I added the live scores link to my sources but when i went to packages i could not find the sports link. Is there something i’m doing wrong?

  4. I went to the Polleo Limited source and got it from there. Worked fine from that source.

  5. i am new to this and have tried to add live scores but it doesn’t show up. I cannot find a sports catogory in my pakages.I have added to my sources with no luck and also tried through also with no luck.
    Please help