Live Scores – iScores 1.5

iScores Version 1.5 of Live Scores has been released. With the update comes a name change. Which I’m glad they did…it was so confusing to have it called Live Scores in the Installer and iScores on the SpringBoard. But, no need to worry about that anymore, the application has been changed to iScores everywhere. Not only did the application get a name change, it also got a new icon. There have been changes to the actual application as well. When you open iScores, you will see new icons next to each sport. I like it, I think it gives the application a little more color! They have also added Formula 1 to the list of sports. There is also a new Option feature. When in Options you can [Read more…]

Live Scores 1.10

Live Scores The update to version 1.10 of Live Scores does not make any visual changes however, it does make two very important changes. Below are the two fixes according to the developer.

    * Missing US matches issue due to time zone difference has been FIXED
    * Time zone Auto detection has been applied: Now start time for all matches and all events is being displayed based on user’s time zone.
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