Live Scores – iScores 1.5

iScores Version 1.5 of Live Scores has been released. With the update comes a name change. Which I’m glad they did…it was so confusing to have it called Live Scores in the Installer and iScores on the SpringBoard. But, no need to worry about that anymore, the application has been changed to iScores everywhere. Not only did the application get a name change, it also got a new icon. There have been changes to the actual application as well. When you open iScores, you will see new icons next to each sport. I like it, I think it gives the application a little more color! They have also added Formula 1 to the list of sports. There is also a new Option feature. When in Options you can turn on/off Pop-up notifications, Sound Notifications, and Vibration Notifications. You can also choose the update interval ranging from 30 seconds to 1 minute to 5 minutes. There is also the ability to change the Calendar Alarm, you can set it for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 20 minutes. Once you have chosen your Settings, you can select Save in the upper right corner and you will be brought back to the main screen.

When you select a sport, lets say Soccer, you will get a list of available Countries to synchronize. So instead of synchronizing all the Countries, like in the previous version, you can now choose which ones you would like to synchronize. After you have made your selection, tap Next in the upper right corner. You will then get a list of the games that are going on. If you tap on a game you will get even more information about it. When on the more info screen, you can double tap and get the options to Enable Notifications and Tip a Friend. If you choose Tip a Friend, it will open a email with the current score in the body of the email and you can then email it to yourself or someone else. All you sports gurus will have to let me know what you think of this application and whether or not it is useful! iScores is avialable through the ScoresPro source.

iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5 iScores 1.5

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  1. YEA!! Now i’ll be able to keep scores of the MLS!!

  2. i hope that european leagues will also available, i prefer Germanys 1. Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga

    • Fussballer says

      They are already included. Even down to regional leagues in (probably) all european countries:

      In german:
      Alles schon drin. Bundesligen, Regionalligen und und und…

    • cool dann warten wir doch mal auf die neue saison ;-)

      nice then we┬┤ll have to wait till the new season starts

  3. This app has been around for a while allreday and yes you are able to get the Bundesliga I and II as well as the regional leaugues. MLS is also available, as a matter of fact you get every league from around the world. Check for all games that you will get. It is quite a great app.

  4. great app. works like a charm. i love that they added Formula1 as well.
    I just wish when I tap on baseball games there would be more stats instead of just runs scores during which inning

  5. how to disable automatically update? thx…

  6. Is this better than Sports Tap?


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