Community Sources 3.7-1

When I installed the update to Community Sources version 3.7-1…it installed and then it refreshed the sources (like it always does) but, then it crashed my Installer. When I went back into my Installer it showed I still had the update plus it showed that it had Installed…but, it didn’t overwrite my previous version of Community Sources. So, I uninstalled both, restarted my iPhone and reinstalled Community Sources 3.7-1 again. So, after all of that (which it refreshes your sources every time you uninstall and reinstall Community Sources and it seriously takes my Installer at least 10 minutes to refresh!) I found out that BigBoss’s source url has changed, the new url is –

So, the previous version of Community Sources (version 3.7) included the Conceited Software, Ste Packaging,, BigBoss’s Apps and Things (BigBoss for short) and iPod Touch Fans sources. The update just changes the url for the BigBoss source. Below are the screenshots:

Community Source 3.7-1 Community Source 3.7-1 Community Source 3.7-1

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  1. Brooke, I’m running 1.1.4 and I haven’t had any of the installer problems that you unfortunately have been exhibiting. I did install CS 3.7-1 without an issue. Maybe it’s time for a restore or something…

  2. The update worked perfectly on my 1.1.4 phone.
    Maybe you should seriously consider upgrading Brooke… :)

  3. I think the same Brooke….1.1.1 that’s old school…
    LOL…. I did it in 1.1.3 and works perfect…….

  4. Da187suspect says

    Mine works great on 1.1.4.

  5. Oh man, you are right, it is old school now isn’t it….that’s it, I’m upgrading!!! Besides, I’m totally feeling left out on the swiggly icons…they are just so cute!

    • come into the dark(er) side, Brooke. lol…

      ZiPhone Jailbreak

    • the swiggly icons are so much better as well. and also the drop pin and gps in the maps. I was skeptical to upgrade at all, but in reality it only took a few hours, make sure you screenshot sources, apps, and all the info that you will put back on 1.1.4. Good Luck

  6. i updated community sources and refreshed fine on 1.1.4

  7. Jollyblue says

    updated fine 1.1.3!

  8. I really think you guys just have too many packages and too many sources. Would you be interested in a way to have two installers running with separate source bases?

  9. Hola cuando instale el comunity sources todo parece normal solo que no me deja descargar nada apreto para descargar algo y luego cuando ya esta finalizando se me cierra y me pone el menu inicial del iphone

  10. Help i cant dowload afther i dowload comunoty sorces i cant dowload more apps helpppp plis

  11. I had no problems updating community sources 3.7-1 on my 1.1.2.

  12. I have 1.1.4 and have the same problem
    Help PLZ

  13. I need to get this prorames